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and others that tried along the way:


100 Miles

TBG -back again

forgot to add:

Queen East>

Mostly womens boutiques but I recommend

Machine age Modern for vintage Mid-Century modern furniture pieces

Bonjour Brioche for croissants

you forgot to throw in NO.6, the precursor to Delphic. shelltoes in unknown colors, fat caps, triple 5 (as mentioned), pnb (yes, it was cool back then), and judo belt fat laces. going further back in Otis's history, i could only afford the caps or stickers sold at the front desk! ha! tees were a luxury if loot was saved. to me, that was toronto's "streetwear".

i'm grateful heads have stepped up to offer what we have now retail-wise. i support and shop here still. something just feels missing though... the hunt. the internet has birthed this new crop of heads who just don't know. and if they did, it's only because your local retailer has done the legwork for you. where's the fun in that? there's the flipside of course, building contacts internationally. 2000db grabbing me japanese product locally and for that i guess i have the internet to thank for.

btw, somewhere in your history lesson you need to squeeze in grips.com! :cool:

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^ ha, you're old buddy! 2 black guys up on yonge, 100 miles... that whole era pushed me to travel to spike's joint in brooklyn for 40 acres & a mule! i feel embarassed but lounge deserves a mention too. OG lounge at least when it used to be on Queen 2nd floor carrying g-force tapes. someone cue 93 till infinity.

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ahh...the memories....completely forgot about Too Black Guys and 100 miles...i remember weekly visits to Too Black Guys, hearing Brand Nubian through the speakers...weekly drops to Play Da Record and New York Connections to cop vinyl...100 miles def had their moments...those were the times huh? i remember copping Protect Ya Neck on 12" independent pressing, before they signed to Loud...i still remember the first time i heard Come Clean at Play da Record...group of 12 crowded around the tables while homeboy leaning back just watching our reactions....crazy....where have all the good days gone...

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since we're waxing nostalgic about Toronto...a few from my (young and probably far less experienced) self:

- having a friend take me to the Brass Rail when i was still 17 for my first female contact experience...lol i remember that night, i had read something cool on a forum so i decided to put it in practice, i told a girl who gave me a lapdance to "skull me." she thought it was cute and gave me a peck on the cheek. boy i was in heaven...

- going after school to the yonge & bloor HMV to exchange CDs...i'm prob. the reason they implemented the policy where you can get refunds/exchange only if the package is still intact. i bought/returned CDs like it was an OCD thing...


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Fade: the brass rail was awesome when underage. i feel you. but now tha im growns up i cant handle the rail or any strip clubs for that matter. unless im with girls, of course. you will get treated like royalty if roll into a strib club with fine women.

cold: if you ever in toronto and want a meal, hit me up. ill let you knwo were to go, and i might even hook you up if the timings right.

toronto isnt the best and could definately be better, but it does have alot to offer. you just have to make the most of it.

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I go to the Toni & Guy in Yorkville, around Bloor/Avenue. My stylist's name is Courtney, and I think she charges around $50, so it's a bit more than what you were looking for. She's Caucasian, but I don't see how that really matters. I'm half-asian and my hair is really thick and annoying to deal with.

This picture is a few weeks old:


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Whenever I'm in T.O. I make sure to stop at Joe's barbershop on Yonge and Summerhill (Right across the Summerhill huge LCBO) for a haircut...he's not Asian but i haven't found anyone else who does a buzz cut as good as he does.

But my parents use Nhi at Vidal Sassoon in the yorkville area, i believe she's vietnamese and cuts Asian hair well. I'd give her a try.

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man, if you like vegan dining, you HAVE to check out Fressen on queen st. west.

things to see are the usual, CN tower, go check out a leafs/raptors game at the ACC or if you can, a jay's game at the once known skydome (rogers centre). Into art and stuff, check out queen west for sure although i haven't gone my self.

In terms of restauraunts, most of the nicest ones are along King st, east of Spadina avenue, careful becuase its pricy. Late night eating, Fran's diner in front of the Eaton centre on Yonge and Shutter (sp?) There is a nice hotel around there as well, check out Spadina ave for China town and some good eats there.

Just some ideas off the top of my head while I take a break from reading this boring article for school.


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you've got the hummingbird centre down there on front st. always somethin happening there, another spot for shows on king just west of bay, cant remember the name dunno how, im tempted to say king alexandria theatre, theres a pricey restaurant atop the CN tower, never eaten there myself.

always fun to walk around chinatown and inhale the fresh air, kensington market right behind it, has some thrifty crap, buncha college street bars, richmond st clubs, a dude with rats at nathan phillips square, some bums there too. buncha garbage at the eaton centre and yonge street, then you got the yorkville losers and fakers , then you get outside the city you have first markham place to get your burned dvd's. oh dont forget about koreatown over on bathurst west of spadina, get your walnut cake on. no need to go east of yonge, nuthin but eastenders over there, then scarberians when you get past whatever the boundary is, you got the ACC always fun just below front st, get your tickets off my man Benny out front in the blk leather 3/4 length jacket and goatee. what else, you got a few decent spots to eat, check chowhound for those. alberts on queen for some roti. missed a ton, been outta the city for 7 months, prolly a bunch of newer stuff that will be gone in 7 more months

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thanks for the reccomendations so far - forgot to ask about hotels - or good areas to stay in...

public transportation good? or will i be driving around...?

how much do you want to spend on your hotel??

public transportation is really good and those trams are really fun (and run 24 hours) and anyway, most of the places you're likely to go are within reasonable walking distance from each other. Toronto is a big city, but pretty much all the touristy things to do (shopping, restaurant etc) are in or around downtown which is not very big.

a MUST GO is the hockey hall of fame, even if it's just to take a picture with the Stanley Cup.

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Fran's diner in front of the Eaton centre

yes! you must xcoldricex. the waitresses are nice too.

the bata shoe museum is at st. george and bloor if you're into that.

high park is a nice place to walk around. and lakeshore too, if the weather is good.you should definitely take a walk there around the afternoon.

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