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*___Paris Proxy___*

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Contact : PM or parisproxy[at]gmail.com



How it works :
- Inquire for the product you want to buy, I'll check if it's available.
- If the store has it, I send you the first invoice (product price + proxy fees).
- I buy the product, I take pictures (item, bill...) and send them to you, as well as the second invoice (shipping + paypal fees).
- I ship the product to you.

Cost :
- Item price + 10% proxy fees (minimum 30€) + shipping fees + paypal fees (4%)
- Here is the formula to calculate what you'll pay at the end : ((Price*1,1) + Shipping)*1,04
- I only ship with tracking and declare the value you want (I can send as gift too). Here are the shipping prices :

Stores :
As you may know, Paris has a lot to offer.
L'Eclaireur, Le Bon Marché, Rick Owens, Comme des Garçons, Damir Doma, Dries Van Noten, Margiela, Acne... There is basically everything you'll need.

Hope it'll help some of you to get their grails :cool:

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  • Luisa via Roma (US)
    Brand - 125 x 125