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  1. rirawin

    canada :: toronto :: general

    Had a great two weeks in Toronto. Did axe throwing at Batl grounds, sunset cruise, rooftop dining at Kost and wine tour/tasting at Peller estates with a trip to Niagara falls thrown in all courtesy of the company. On the food tip, managed to get a reservation at Alo for one, but (stupidly) declined it as I didn't fancy doing a 9 course taster sat at a bar. Stumbled upon Pai and thought it was great. I met up with an old school Toronto based Sufu'er and spent the afternoon walking around Chinatown/Kensington Market area taking in the sights and food (highlight was Blackbird Bakery), which was cool. On the shopping front, didn't realise the bigger Arcteryx store was out in North York where they had women's Veilance as well. Haven was a nice space and also checked out Blue Button Shop, which I don't think has been mentioned in this thread? Will probably be heading out again next quarter so look forward to exploring more of Toronto, and probably look to tag on a holiday afterwards to travel west and check out Vancouver.
  2. rirawin

    canada :: toronto :: general

    Thanks for the recommendations! Like the looks of The Little Jerry a lot! Admittedly, I'll also probably go check out Tim Hortons as a guilty pleasure (despite having branches in the UK).
  3. rirawin

    canada :: toronto :: general

    Thread resurrection. Looks like I'll be in Toronto first two weeks of October for work. My company is HQ'ed on 325 Front St. West, so some recommended eateries in that area would be appreciated. I'm also surprised to see no michelin star restaurants! Less interested in shops and fashun these days (still rocking tatty old Visvim from the noughties) but will probably check out Haven and Arcteryx. On the latter, and this may be a dumb question, but I'm guessing their flagship store on Queen Street stocks Veilance? and is not exclusively carried by independent boutiques when it comes to a physical presence.
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