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  1. Watches and Denim

    A GMT-Master II is on my next to buy list. I can then complete my "land, sea and air" collection
  2. Who offers denim repairs in Europe? Is Mr Handy still operating? I'm based in the UK and I'd like to avoid Denim Doctor if possible, having not been impressed by his previous repair efforts.
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    Visvim Hockneys SOLD
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  7. what are you eating today?

    @WillKhitie afraid I don't, the sushi above was the new joint in KL. What did you think of Noma?
  8. what are you eating today?

    Taka by Sushi Saito Went for the Omakase menu Asam Laksa Durian Roti canai and teh tarik Roti tissue
  9. things to do in Reykjavik

    I did have one other question Dettifoss, did you take the paved route 862 to the west, or the more bumpy (from what I've read) alternative 864 to the eastern side? I hear the views from the eastern side are better... but the travel time to get there is a lot longer.
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  12. spain :: barcelona :: general

    Tickets http://www.ticketsbar.es/ca, one of the best places I've eaten at in Spain, and in my opinion better than El Cellar De Can Roca. Best tapas https://www.pinotxobar.com/ - has Bourdain's seal of approval.
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