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  1. Bump. Still interested, more than ever. Thanks!
  2. Hello, I hope this is the proper section to open this discussion in. Sorry in advance if not. ZenMarket has been my Japan proxy service of choice for quite a while now, they're fabulous, but they don't do phone orders - they allow for shopping from online shops proper. However, I have seen many Japanese websites and/or blogs and/or bricks and mortar shops that do advertise their products online but only accept purchases placed by a phone call. The question is: Is there any quality (on par with ZenMarket hopefully), reliable Japan proxy service that supports phone orders? Thanks!
  3. Bump. I still want this backpack more than anything. Thanks!
  4. How do I set up automatic notifications (by mail, for instance) whenever an item that matches my search criteria pops up on the Japanese Yahoo! Auctions? (exactly similar to eBay's "followed searches")
  5. Hello, Looking forward to grab a few pairs of these Tabio socks: https://tabio.com/uk/detail/042110014/ As you can see, they are readily available in the UK store. They can be shipped directly to me (however, I don't live in the UK and there will be a shipping cost) and the buying procedure is straightforward and in English, thankfully. Thing is, they are priced considerably higher compared to their price in Japan. I found them on Rakuten for 972 yen: http://item.rakuten.co.jp/kutsushitaya/062110025?s-id=top_normal_browsehist&xuseflg_ichiba01=10003915 I have absolutely ZERO experience in buying from Japan. What would be the best way of getting those socks to me, from Japan? Should I even bother, or just get them from the UK? Is there a risk? Thanks!
  6. Hi, Did you reply to my question? If so, could you provide any more info regarding the shop?
  7. Hi everyone! Does anyone know where could one purchase a pair of NB's M1300GBB sneakers in Berlin? Most preferably in a nice store, in the popular areas, that offers an assortment of other nice stuff (I'm a sucker for German knitwear ) It has to be offered in US size 12! Thanks in advance.