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worst (sufu) waywt fits

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Cause we're all hella about function an shit around here. Trox looks dope. I'm about to break mmy no/extremely limited neg policy on you people if you keep putting good shit in here (same with mediocre fits in best). Fuck, just cause the thread exists doesn't mean you HAVE to post in it all the fucking time.


Edit. fuck...really? I suck at this.


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I know it's from denim edition and all but still...


Uniqlo, Double Volante and 8875

And what the fuck is this?

custom made michel ananushka (i know it isn't spelled correctly)

aa chambray




peep the inside. body is line with ocelot feet (rabbit if it's illegal to have ocelots)


talon zip


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^-i just threw up in my mouth a little bit.

i know it's way overdone, and honestly, his last couple before this were ok. but holy shit this is bad


i used to dress like this in middle school and thought i was hella tite.. how old are you, like 30? fuck.

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I negged him a few weeks back for his crouching ass shot.

It was a few days after his group of pictures with him flicking off the camera.

He didn't counter neg like a bitch tho! Props for that.

He doesn't have time to go around giving reciprocal negs to everyone... He's got the earth to protect.

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what is brand synergy good for? isn't aesthetic synergy more important? fit looks ok (minus the pose)

what about the fit looks okay? the proportion of the shoes makes no sense in that context, RO sneaks are supposed to fuck with proportions but when everything else looks fitted/superdenim acceptableâ„¢ then it just looks hella dumb. like elephant feet. like why pay $600 to wear those like that, nike dunks would be better honestly.

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