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worst (sufu) waywt fits

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other than the shoes i don't even think that fit is really all that bad : /

boring maybe (except the shoes)

i don't even really hate the shoes, though i would never rock. they're kind of crazy and thats not necessarily bad? idk. i guess they do kind of suck but i'm not really gonna hate just coz of that.

but yeah, on the whole its mostly a boring fit. but i don't know if thats really what worst is for. just coz its alexx19whatever i guess it goes in here but thats kind of lame.

idk whatever i don't care i feel like this is the second time i've defended the guy and i don't even really care, just i think hes more boring than bad and certainly not worst ever material, but i guess sufu has been kind of slow so maybe he does belong in here. whatever not like i even post fits.

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OCEAN, what the fuck are you talking about? That fit is fucking terrible. I'm not usually a hater, but alex's fits range from decent (a few) to pedestrian (most) to fucking terrible (this one).

NBs should never be worn with jeans and Western gear. FACT. The only time I ever see runners with jeans is on old-ass academics at chemistry conferences and on tasteless gay men.

Shoes should never come in eye-rape colorway.

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ok i know internet fighting blah blah

but so far your points are 1) his shoes, which i addressed, and i think some of you would rep if they were in a different fit. but ok its fair to hate them, i said myself i wouldn't rock them whatever.

2) hes alexx1976, which i guess you're either going to think he "belongs" in here or not

3) he wore nbs with jeans

thats.... about it.

ok. he wore nbs with jeans. and a western shirt. i wouldn't, you wouldn't. whatever dude he just looks like some guy wearing dark colors and bright shoes. thats not really that bad. this is like how the hb thread started to become.

and one other picture of his butt, which i don't want to really talk or think about, but i don't really see anything that wrong with? ok he has a butt...

but i guess to some of you jeans and nbs and a western shirt is offensive, so ok i take it back. whatever it was. that i said. uh. yeah. . .. .

really no hate to any of you ok peace love unity respect blablabla

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