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worst (sufu) waywt fits

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post a really fucking bad fit that makes you want to vomit already. zZz.


excuse the shit fit pics but i only had a self timer to use, so didn't have too much time since i am running late for work. the denim is still very stiff and probably needs a soak but they will settle with time. the sizing has been perfect and i went 1 size up from usual since they are shrink to fit. i ordered these with the possibility of losing some weight in mind so they look slightly tight now but will be extra motivation to shed some. all in all, very happy with the way they fit. the construction on these are great and the only minor thing i have against them are the lack of raised belt looops. but i think i can live with that! will probably order another pair in far future as i have too many pairs waiting now but i have to say these are every bit worth the money and Ryo and Hiro are great to deal with!


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I am still really confused as to what your problem with me is. I searched for a fit to see if you were someone I know in real life talking shit for kicks, only you haven't posted a fit in the last 6 months.

So if we do know each other and you're having a laugh, kudos to you sir. Otherwise, the ever present commentary regarding me and my posts seems a bit like a waste of your time. You said you were in college right? Why aren't you out chasing tail or something, there are certainly better ways for you to spend your time than talking shit about me, a person you've never met.


Wait, I just want to get this straight, this is i wear shooes (second from right)? Dude that's always hounding that robbie guy? I laughed out loud when I saw this.

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