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Clothing/wardrobe insecurity


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Culled my closet of like 70% of the old Supreme gear and made a grip of cash off it, also left me feeling like I lack a real central concept to my wardrobe.

Current deficincies include: no black dress shoes, no black trousers (destroyed 4x pair of Uniqlo chinos in past year), no real denim (like one pair of shitty HM jeans), no suit.

Current plan is to pick up a grip of oxfords (probably just a bunch of BB and premium stuff I find on sale), some new pants (thinking outlier and Levi's commuter: reinforced crotch concept), probably some DM 1461's and the DM longwings in grey, then shop around for a decent suit. Realized that outerwear is a dumb investment most of the time, better going with one quality piece than 17 different types of jackets that don't really fit any particular wardrobe void. Eyeballing an ervell jacket for this winter.

basically what ODB said.

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I need more prints. My shirts are all solid, minimally striped, or check patterned. Too much navy, also. Need more in your face shit. Needs less inventory.

i feel that

but i'm also afraid if i go crazy with patterns i'll look at them in a year and think ugh what a waste

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Getting asked how much something I have costs. I hate telling a small white lie like, "I found it in some thrift store," or saying I paid half the price than I did. I don't want to be put on the spot so I'm not as honest as I'd like to be when people I don't know well ask me that. I don't mind saying what brands I own though, which happens pretty often with my Common Projects and some of my button-down shirts.

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I NEED a decent pair of solid black slim trousers. been looking for a minute.

also, 50% of my wardrobe is thrifted. living that broke college life.

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bogie, you trolling, while apparently effective on some (many) sufu members, is really boring. pls just get serious or go away. i feel as if you have some interest in fashion, or why would you be here. why would you post things in style inspiration that aren't ugly. why would you spend so much time trolling a fashion board. i don't really dislike you all that much, except your boring version of trolling. you could try being more creative in it, or, preferably, just stop it altogether.

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