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Clothing/wardrobe insecurity


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i don't have a doublebreasted full length trench in 100% cotton

i've got a single-breasted Engineered Garments joint (black) that has the gunflap and shit but it is 3/4 length and ripstop (guh)

and i got that gay cru single breasted in a khaki color (100% cotton yay!) that hits at the knee but it is really more a raincoat than a trench

i feel like i'm not a proper shamus without this crucial piece

file under: watchedtoomanybogartfilms

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Most insecure aspect of wardrobe is worrying I'll miss out on grail item in supermarket.


applies to 100% sufu posters

I also keep buying a couple of the same thing in different colours. Money-wise I guess it's fine for basics, just not for visvim or UC -__-'

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^ nothing wrong with that at all (unless you're overspending obviously)

my ambition is to have a closet filled with 10-15 of my ideal example of each kind of clothing... shirt, jacket, jawnz, etc with a few more out-there oneoffs

patrick bateman concept

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i've dropped around 15 pounds since i started working out heavily around february and now none of my clothes fit right anymore.

went from a 32/33 to a 29 or so

but i'm too poor to buy new clothes

do you think f50fan will get all vigilante concept on me if i just come up on new shit?

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