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Miscellaneous Musings (Limited Edition)

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Ate so much a pitcher of soju doesn't even get me tipsy

But I am really sleepy

Probably wouldn't even need to eat much tmr

Really annoys me when pple give me a hard time when I skip lunch or eat only a brownie for lunch like I'm anorexic. Seriously, I got meat, just not as much as you, quit giving me grief just cos I totally pigged out over weekend and now gots no room for lunch.

Ate like 9 mini rolos and that's not even 200 cal

How awesome

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a lot of the shit on the official Dipset online store is actually fresh as fuck






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My new Korean housemate seems convinced I'm an asianphile because I sometimes watch anime and he ran across my stash of jap mags lol

u probably a japanophile.

u exclusively beat off to jbzs? jap manga and animes?

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