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White's Horse Hide/Shell Cordovan group order


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So... dug through storage over the weekend and grabbed one hide of shiny black (double butt), one hide of dull black (single butt) and the remaining two hides of russet brown (single butt). Turns out the russet brown hides have the Horween stamp on the back! Any doubts of the authenticity or quality of these hides have been eliminated as the black hides are just as nice and exhibit the same features as the Horween hides.


Again, here are the quantities that I have available:

- 70 sq ft in black (dull finish)
- 73 sq ft in black (shiny finish)
- 4.25 sq ft in russet brown






















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I'm just selling it for what I paid- I'm not a leather wholesaler. I'm sure Alden or other manufacturers get much better pricing than I did.


Based off a simple search online, I am getting an estimate of 4sq ft for an oxford pair and about 6sq ft for a 6" boot style (that is if you also want to make the sole out of cordovan leather as well). That would be about $150-$210 then depending on the style

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