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Samurai S500JX-LR Contest


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Been a while since I've had a chance to post, but here are pics of my pair after 8 months of part-time wear. I can't wear jeans at work anymore, so my wear has been limited to evenings and weekends, and these have also been in rotation with a pair of slimmer jeans for when I wear sleeker shoes. They've had 2 hot soaks, both within the first month of wear, and one hot hand wash at about 6 months.





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Last update was about a month ago so I figured it was time for another one.

Haven't been wearing too much lately :( But they are around 4.5 months now, I am going to try and get another month of wear or two before the contest ends. I took pictures today but they don't show the best example of how the color really looks irl. Took a ton of pictures though because this thread needs it! there needs to be more contribution! I did edit them in PS but for the most part they were really contrasty to begin with and I did as much as possible to make them look like how they look to my eye.

This is how they really look:










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Not sure if this contest is still going on (I never found an end date in this thread), but here is my pair, x-posted from the heavyweight denim contest thread, after about a year of evening and weekend wear in rotation with a couple of pairs of lighter weight slim jeans. 2 hot soaks, 2 hot hand washes along the way.





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