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ETERNAL 811 Contest 10/10/10 - 12/12/12


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  • 2 weeks later...

Another quick update as I've had some opportunities for photos.

Went to Tokyo a few weeks ago with the family. Waiting for the flight.


Arriving to Japan


Jaunt in Harajuku


Photo taken by a fellow sufu'er


Me with the man behind the camera. The Eternals with a sufu legend. A man that's a myth. It's like coming across Bigfoot. The Elusive Mizanation.


Went for a walk in the hotel garden



Quick stroll around Shinjuku


The kid's first trip to Ueno and he was excited.


Had another chance to meet up with Miz and some friends.


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As you can see the boy was upset when he found out we were leaving Japan.

Even Miz's lucky hat couldn't put a smile on his face.


Upon returning home. Took a walk around the old town where we live.



Still not sure if he is over leaving Japan


Then again...?


Eternals still hanging on like an old friend



A local checking out my roping


And now the sun sets on the contest.


Only a couple days left. Will try to get up some pics of the wear before the end.

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I know I haven't posted in a while, but don't worry I've been wearing these Eternals down. No washes after the shrink yet, but I think I'll take a set of pictures before and after the wash to see if there's a difference. I'm just not sure if these jeans will hold up to a wash--the crotch is worn all the way through to the patch of 19 oz Samurai denim.

Pics up soon :)

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The fun begins. Going to be ALL TIME!

0. beatle (32, SUO)

1. commodorewheeler (34, TTS)

2. morse9443 (36, TTS)

3. ranonranonarat (30, TTS)

4. Jestre (34, TTS)

5. -Z- (34,TTS)

6. chambo2008 (29, SDO)

7. not too tight (30, TTS)

8. PWNED (29, TTS)

9. inquire (30, TTS)

10. Cents or Non Cents (34, TTS)

11. brahgg (32, SUO)

12. Solix (33, TTS)

13. Solix's brother (31, SDO)

14. JayFourEyes (36, SUO)

15. TallyHo (36, TTS)

16. Oldswag (30, TTS)

17. efujobu1 (33, SUO)

18. stabliu (34, TTS)

19. xchen (32, TTS)

20. ah_long (31, TTS)

21. BrownMetallic (34, SUO)

22. rOeLez (36, TTS)

23. joelz (33, TTS)

24. kino (31, SDO)

25. griffin (28, TTS)

26. JacoBlue (30, TTS)

27. aznbrotha48 (28, TTS)

28. Liuj (30, TTS)

29. Thedoad (36, TTS)

30. Pi$tol (34, SUO)

31. TimL (31, TTS)

32. cord13 (36, TTS)

33. sitdermet (30, TTS)

34. untungl (34, SUT)

35. DoitsuJin (30, ???)

36. indigofade (31, TTS)

37. Shangers (33, SUO)

38. kayla. (30, SDO)

39. Alex3000 (33, ???)

40. XXXL (28, TTS)

41. Mr HaGa (36, ???)

42. Just Another XY (30, TTS)

43. _Kai_ (30, SUO)

44. rky (32, TTS)

45. rOeLez buddy(33, TTS)

46. Denim Nut (33, SUO)

49. tvshooter (34, TTS)

50. Dr_Funke (31, TTS)

51. cmo (36, ???)

52. 604_skyline (28, TTS)

53. all.gravity (32, SUO)

54. You Ren (33, SUO)

55. pragmatics (32, TTS)

56. kicksaholic (32, TTS)

57. kit714 (31, TTS)

58. skizz (34, TTS)

59. .API. (32, SUO)

60. vand23 (28, SDO)

61. viv1984viv (??, ???)

62. Monstarice (33, TTS)

63. jaspar (32, SUO)

64. PAUATK (36, SUT)

65. Lo_freq (30, TTS)

66. y7bbb6 (29, TTS)

67. Farhad (32, TTS)

Were'd everyone go? The guys who stuck with this did a great job, but it's pretty disappointing that out of 67 original participants, only a dozen or so saw it through to the end.

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You always see a drop off, especially in long contests - I think Sufu has had a lot of decline in the past 2 years which contributes. Ultimately, not having lots of check in requirements or anything made it quiet.

That being said, this isn't restricted to this contest - the Left Field Contest has been dead too.

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just threw mine in the washer for the first machine wash.. it's just too filthy from the trip back to Hong Kong.. Wanna see if there's actually any additional progress made since the last pics, if so, I might need to revise my final submission

I have officially retired them last week as the holes in the crotch are really getting out of hand.. until they get repaired, they'll be out of commission.

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whoa beautiful pictures and your kid is way too cute. this is the stuff legends are made of. were you in okinawa? Miza still looking good as hell!

Nah, was in Tokyo. Last few times I was there got to meet up with Miz. I think he is back and forth to Okinawa, but mainly out of Tokyo as his work/business is there. He's still killing it, doing his thing.

Thanks for all the responses. 811s in the wash now. Gonna try to dry them out and post some final pics when I can.

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I'm one of those who haven't contributed that much. Because of the fit they didn't become an everyday wear, plus I don't seem to find the time to take pics of my jeans that much these days. (Still a denimhead though, wearing a new pair of Warehouse 1001XX right now). That said, I will now post in the pinned contest picture thread. They will look dark as hell next to the others though.

It has been said, but still: Cool to see pics with Mizanation (I liked the others too Shangers!). His epic Double Volante thread "So, I'm having a pair of jeans made..." is what took my knowledge and denim interest to the next level.

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Haven't posted in a while because, frankly, new superfuture just doesn't do it for me anymore. After the update, it's just sort of meh, you know?

Haven't worn these in a couple months, but I've been quite happy with them. I'll try to get some actual pictures (i.e. not a camera phone) out in the sunlight so you can see the true blues and contrast.

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Were'd everyone go? The guys who stuck with this did a great job, but it's pretty disappointing that out of 67 original participants, only a dozen or so saw it through to the end.

Clocking in.

I've been checking this thread most weeks now.

I went for 33, effectively sizing up 2. After a year I got them CS'd hemmed in London at son of a stag and began wearing them slightly more, but still not everyday.

I'm basically at the lovely deep purple pastel indigo stage (the first bit of falling the the inkiness really comes through).

Apart from some pocket corners I have nothing to show by comparison.

Sods law in that as soon as a denim contest finishes I am about to lose the job and go back to being a full time student again!

That pic of CMF, Miz, and Beatle is a Sufu Classics Photo - Sufu 1.0 4life.


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