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    Long time, no post. Gained a bunch of weight since I started graduate school, so I have been stuck with my 1101s. I think they are coming along nicely. White balance is a little off in the pictures
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    my buddy made me this cool psychedelic cardholder. Wickett and Craig leather
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    paired with some Yuketen, right?
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    Think l have tux envy.. Photo taken circa 1908, image borrowed from Rivethead.com
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    Autumn Winter 22/23 https://www.stoneisland.com/experience/en/7719-shadow-project-video-chapter1/
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    Graph Zero // Skivvy // Kapital // Haruta
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    Goijg to the playground today Merz - Resolute 711 - Doek
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    Freewheelers Trackwalker, Duke’s Belt (the best you can buy), Freewheelers Lot 601RB, Rolling Dub Trio Coupen Brogue
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    What are everyone's thoughts on the newly rereleased Tudor Ranger? I'm a big fan although I would prefer it in 36mm. I'd be contemplating purchasing one if I didn't already have two similar 3/6/9 dial watches already.
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    This thread has been dead for a while so here's another Explorer photo
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    Temperature should exceed 30°C today so looser fit again. Resolute 711 with Doek Oxford
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    Cushman salt & pepper chambray trousers (purchased from celluloid) please excuse the dirty mirror and messy room
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    Vintage Champ hat warehouse Longhorn i+w Nashville shirt duke belt room no 6 messenger warehouse signet contest jeans yuketen sandals
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    Freewheelers x 2 / Warehouse / Lofgren / Hollows (non vis)
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    Some photos from 4th of July. I actually gave double denim a try which I don't think I've done in a few years... Freewheelers type I Whitesville T @Duke Mantee belt OA03 jeans Motor engineers
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    TCB, cathartic, buzz. Vans
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    Orslow 40s / Sugarcane red chambray / Orslow fatigues / Vans
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    Took some photos last week of my old lot 401 Hawaii Indirect natural light—color is pretty true
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    Not actually "today," but that's not really the point, is it? Shot by Aaron Barera on a Yashica C Medium Format TLR Camera from the '50s - 120mm 6x6 film. Black Sign Chimala Indigofera Alden
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    warehouse jacket real mccoys sweatshirt sugar cane jeans
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    a report on may's uniform... triple bib no cuff w. dbl rolled sleeve ... orslow-tcb / lvc-tcb / tcb-oshkosh & lamarie suede r.mocs
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    Stetson Levi's506xx Baker pants

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