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    I picked up a bracelet for the 556. Paired here with some '66 Canes.
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    I knew @Maynard Friedman (nearly) posting a fit pic in the WYJADT thread was just the start . Copped him in his latest fit out and about today.
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    it's less round these days. It's rather straight but still enough to keep me warm until the end of my life I think @Cold Summer summed it up nicely about Samurai. They were always more flashy than the other brands but I think from 2013 onwards the models intersted me less and less. A new release every week, with white or red contrast stitching, tripple stitched arcs, a red tab at every pocket (I might exaggerate a bit...)... True, I love(d) the standard models and the S0500XX with the classic arcs were long in my possesion and one of my favourites. But I came to realize heavy and too slubby denim is not my cup of tea (anymore) and I just prefer the normal weight denim and thus all heavy jeans had to go. That said the S0500XX contest and the Evisu World Tour are milestones. Seeing a pair of Evisu like this still makes me smile and I wanna have a pair
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    Now in the wild. The last is sleeker than your usual country boot style.
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    Made in Japan 1955 501xx Tagged W 33 L 34 After 30°c wash in machine and two days of wearing W 32 L 32 Made in turkey in 34 is shorter. Selvedge is a little bit wider (more correct?)than the MiT. I loooove this jeans!!
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    So; I ended up taking the plunge and getting some 15th anniversary 1001x’s from a seller on Grailed. They had them listed for $375 with tax despite the seller not knowing the model number or the fact they were the 15th anniversarry version. But I talked them down to $200 shipped. They were a Malaysian seller that had tons of other designer goods, so they seemed happy to push them out. I got some mixed advice on the forum about if this was a good idea, and I’m still a bit mixed on if I made the right move to be honest. Fit wise, I am SUPER happy. Maybe not super flattering in most people’s opinion, but it feels like a classic straight fit to me. Don’t judge my work from home outfit too hard lol. My biggest issue is that color wise, I do wish I could have got these when they were a bit darker. But I will say I’ve never had a pair of jeans that looked quite like this. The weft looks slightly dusty. Not sure if that’s by design or if that’s just what happens when jeans are kept in a closet in Malaysia for like 10 years. But it any case, it’s interesting to me. I’ll give these a few wears and see what happens. At the worst, I now know I love the cut of the 1001’s. At best I fall in love with these. I’n any case, I spent too much to back out of these now! UPDATE: After wearing them for a day, I love the fit SO much that I have opted to sell these (and a couple other pants) and invest a brand new pair so that I can see the journey of these from start to finish.
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    More stuff I don’t need but couldn’t resist anyway due to the price and self-created peer pressure from being on Sufu (part 153)! M41326, tagged size 33x36, raw size 35x40! There were no 32s available. I’ve no idea when these were made but I believe post-1998. Key features: Paper patch Offset rear belt loop Green selvedge (none in coin pocket) Button backs marked ‘00’ (in honour of the illustrious thread creator) on the stiffest buttons I’ve ever had the displeasure of doing up Deep storage creases throughout the legs and musty smell, both created through many years of inactivity in a box on a shelf somewhere in Japan
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    Transition 60s 70505-017 lvc chambray @Duke Mantee Belt Pike Brothers OG-107
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    Congrats everyone, so many great pairs in this contest. @Yot @chicote @Hopethisoneisnttaken well done guys! Apologies for not being an active part of the contest in the last six months. I've even managed to not post final submissions. As a positive note, I've lost a bit of weight and I fit again my pair now ; ) And after some yard work in the weekend I gave them their first right-side-out wash and they're starting to look decently worn in.
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    Wow, thanks for the congratulations y’all! I’d really not expected to win anything but am excited to get a new pair of 40s at some point; they’re truly a perfect pair of jeans for me. Maybe a pair in black to change things up a bit. Congrats also to @Yot and @Hopethisoneisnttaken, and to everyone who participated; this was a lot of fun to be involved in. Hope we get to do another contest soon!
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    I don’t even think of it as a hobby, just buying and wearing clothes, although the amount of time I spend on here discussing clothes suggests otherwise…
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    One of these rare occasions I wear my stuff really for some work... Planting some Ilex next to our driveway
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    Aiming for the granddad steez no name hat, baracuta , gifted sweater, lee, vans
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    Finally got a chance to wear my new pair. Posted deets in the IH thread. self edge iron heart 8301sbg self edge iron heart type 3 od 18 my company work shirt
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    some variations over the last few week of cuffed, uncuffed, layered and not so much... combinations of tender (132), tcb (s40s and overalls), aero, military / hunting vintage, orslow (pullover and 50s chore), redwing, attractions, etc. etc., ...
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    Time to retire my Acne jeans since the fabric is on the very brink of tearing at the knees, back and crotch. The jeans are deadstock from very early 00's and I started wearing them roughly six years ago, the quality of the denim is quite flat and dull, non-selvedge but has provided great fades. I'm not going to replace these with a new pair of Acne jeans since they are much more fashion-oriented these days, these jeans are from when they were first and foremost a denim brand. I'm eyeing a pair of either SugarCane 66's or Resolute 710's as my next jeans!
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    Edo Ai's size 30. These get the least time in my current rotation for a few reasons but just had them on for the last few weeks. I'm a little torn on the denim itself, it's a bit more novelty than I tend to like but the color is nice in it's own way. The cut is more generous up top with more taper than I prefer usually, but it works well enough with some things 4-5 months total wear since purchased maybe 1.5 years ago - fades won't be great I'm sure because the overall color is lighter, but some are starting to set in regardless. It's nowhere close to as bad as some of the relaxed tapers out there but it still leans that way as a whole. The thing I don't love about the color is that it's trickier to match than normal jeans - it's too in between to not clash with a lot of tops or shoes. My hope is that whenever these get the first wash - which is a ways out, they'll get regular ones after that and become a nice lighter colored jean eventually. These will probably be a many years thing to develop.
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    Just bought this 1930s boots still in prestine condition ,leather still pliable no cracks the entire sole is wooden pegs construction so rigid sensation when walking I love it thrift store is full of surprise This boot build like a tank.
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    Fresh pair for me. Standard 1001xx. I stick to the classics, you know. The first overall impression is really good. These came raw with some very sharp creases and a faint mouldly smell, which adds further charm.
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    NOS GS, limited edition from 2015 or 17, I’ll have to check. Worn here with 3 flavors of indigo: FW pants, Tender jacket, Andersen-Andersen sweater.
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    Note to self - must lose more weight
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