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    MF ranch blouse Runabout Goods Covid MF Organic Cone
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    Vintage knit cap Vintage odd jacket Barker Black silk pocket square Brooks Brothers sweater vest LVC Tee High waisted Gurkha Polo Gucci My wife said this fit is giving her "Get Back" era Paul vibes but it just feels very Wes Anderson to me. Probably the red cap. I'm Loving It in my natural habitat, shopping at my favorite antique mall. Yes, that's a golden arch. Vintage 1960s "Dream Pet" by Dakin This eagle sculpture was cracking me up. "In God We Trust...All Others Pay Cash"
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    Washed the 25th 50s, machine cold. Almost as much shrinkage as the initial hot soak. They have slimmed up quite a bit, hoping the top block opens back up with some wear. Probably moving back to my DD 43s when the temperature drops
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    Due for a wash next week unless something unexpected happens in the evenings
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    Just signed up after seeing this post, have to promote these pants. P38-AD is awesome. The insulation liner is super comfy, I didn't have the chance to get a P38-DS so I don't know the difference that much besides the side pockets. I have been wearing it for two weeks in November, with temperatures ranging from 5-15+ C, rarely feel hot indoors, never felt cold outdoors. I also noticed the inside-out wearing style reduces insulation level. The insulation "fur" isn't dense, but it's fluffy, so you won't feel it being compressed and released when pressing on it. No itch feeling either, the fur lies pretty flat. The pockets ain't interconnected, there is one set of pockets for each side. There's also no belt loop for the reverse fur side, so you are pretty much solely relying on the adjustable drawcord, ain't that comfortable to have those between the pants and waist I'm gonna say... I was debating whether I should get the AD or wait until I have a chance for the DS, but after getting this I only wish for another AD pant, it's way too good and I don't want to take it off for cold seasons!
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    Sorry for another no denim post, but not really… buzz/ vintage m51/ vintage carcass long sleeve/ fear of god/ visvim
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    no denim today... sears-military shirt-cabourn-attractions shirt all buttoned up in homage to my new double rider style icon... ^ above taken from this thread on history of sears motor-cycle jackets, 40s-60s... @dudewuttheheck was right: what a d-pocket rabbit hole yee old lounge is...
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    I just got my first pair of nudies today. For $5 I couldn’t say no.
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    Back when i was 18 we were coming home from a rave, some of my friends still lived with their folks so we would always end up back at my house, it was a summer night/morning and the next door but one neighbour had left their massive (and much loved) yucca plant out on the patio so we thought it would be a brilliant idea to kidnap it... giggling like schoolgirls we carried it into our house, we cut off one of the leaves, wrote a ransom note on it and posted it through their letterbox again, we thought this was genius! ..anyhow the next afternoon when my then girlfriend (now wife) and i woke up, the plant only had a couple of leaves left and those had stuff written on them and they were pierced with earrings and draped in beads, fuck!? i couldn't return it but the neighbours had the ransom leaf.. it was obviously us, well it was us fuckheads or the elderly Mrs Miggins at number 144.. the dude who's plant it was (well his wife's) knocked on our door to ask if we had seen anyone stealing it.. my only choice was disposing of it but i didn't have a car or looking after it till the leaves grew back and returning it, that'll only take a week or two surely.. or surely not, one day the neighbour muscled his way into the house looking for it but i'd stashed it in a wardrobe.. anyhow a few months later there was no sign of new leaf growth so i put the sad looking thing back. I'd forgotten all about this till my mrs reminded me of it last night...
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    It was 20°f / - 7°c this morning when I left. Winter has finally started asserting herself here in the great Midwest so that means LAYERS. Surplus hat Vintage Pendleton Jacket Vintage wool military CPO Vintage POLO attached hood parka 501 STF Wool socks Rag & Bone Rowan Love the button up neck on this sweatshirt but the hood is kinda floppy and useless. Great functional besom-pockets though. Nothing is falling out of these!
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    @cultpop 0217 I was wearing that tee this weekend… today: Vintage polo/hoggs (nepenthes)/ visvim
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    $12 Facebook marketplace pickup… running well. Just needs a 16mm strap.
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    After wearing this for a day I’m loving it. It’s been worn to the point most of the original gold plating is worn off, but it is within 30 seconds after 24 hours. I’m sure most would see the missing gold as a defect, but I actually like how it looks.
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    Thank for the appreciation, dudes! @Hopethisoneisnttaken @Jared_Lee @srudy @Uncle Karl @bartlebyyphonics Let's continue to liven up this contest!
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    https://roydenim.com/goin-places-baseball-raglan Photo and video on Roy’s Instagram page.
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    Runabout Goods Overland. Runabout Goods simple tee coal. MF Organic Cone Denim
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    See update - these feel slimmer to me, likely because of the material. But as I note take your normal size or go up if you are between sizes (due to less stretch) Also fit pic
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    WTS: P31-DS size M, full pack $800 shipped within North America SOLD
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    Vintage jil sander/ vintage Scottish cashmere/ Levi’s vintage clothing/ vintage German army/ 06 deluxe strat
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    My buddy let me try on his IH OD, been lusting after this jacket for a couple years. Last pic is a comparison between my 3sixteen caustic wave od and the iron heart OD Iron Heart x Self edge 18oz type III Overdye SDA Tsuri-ami loopwheel Iron heart x Self edge 633 14oz double black
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    Earlier this week stuck at home waiting on a Covid test (it was negative) and putting the finishing touches on the tree. LVC GAP POLO GUCCI Ornanents from Middle of Beyond.com
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    It's old. Think like 04? Futura sued them recently for using his atom graphic to use as a logo, so I guess interesting as a "happier times" piece. Google says the women's one was gtx. There's been some sitting for sale in japan for under $600 for a long time. I'd put it towards a CPxThroup mille

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