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    Mister Freedom + Warehouse 1003's + Birks. Magical weather in these parts right now.
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    Just found my contest Devi’s. These were HUGE on me before and now it fits perfect. I remember hot washing the se because they were so big.
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    Here’s a pair of Westride 1948 I found on yahoo auctions, thinking if I got my same size as CSF I’d be good, but no. They are very very slim, even slimmer than CSF. The denim is grainy but supple, and the previous owner faded them quite nicely.
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    50s after another summer. These are holding together really well after all this time and wear, they might outlive me
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    Kapital / Kapital / Orslow / Hoka One One
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    Dip in the temperature meant I could slap on a decent amount of denim for travelling: And to complete the costume fingers crossed it will be chilly in German
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    … and in denim, although the belt isn’t sized for my copious waistline
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    getting chilly for the last two days here in oregon. today i’m wearing: ship john hat/jacket big heavy iron heart hoodie (i love this thing) mister freedom lot 64 hawaii jeans and john lofgren m43s
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    And here's a photo of me wearing them whilst rocking some early denim bibs ..
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    this old blue x samurai collab looks interesting. coin pocket a bit much and probably prevents coin pocket roping, but 710 cut, 21 oz sam denim, yamato-esque arcs, old blue "beast" denim back pockets, hmmm https://oldblueco.net/dry-goods/collaborations/dungarees-collaborations/oldblue-x-samurai-21-oz-kisouma-selvedge-split/
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    hats, hats, hats firstly the sun protectors... current cruise control; buzz ricksons as worn... an olde 90s find... love the color combination and the name... [a ship of sassing and a cussing] as worn... army surplus shop cheapo special ... [cheap materials but nice pattern...] as worn... vintage bucket hat [made in Canada, no idea of date but nearest pattern I have seen was an HW Dog hat listed as '30s bucket hat' iirc ...] can have rim popped up... or down... the janky old twill... as worn ... TCB daisy mae as worn ... and an 'onourable mention; an old golfing hat found thrifting in SF many moons back; a little small, but lovely texture ... ... and then to the chill protection... an old faithful no name made made fibre beanie... not too hot, not too cold and can be washed ruthlessly thus finds itself worn frequently... one such occasion... then for serious wind and rain this offering from barbour and branching out... a squaddie beret for the new chilly season; yessir...
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    errolson at rick owens earlier.
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    It's p38 season SI tela nylon down vest with dust color frost finish P38-E Asics UB1-S
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    Definite chill in the air now Vintage usmc deck vest Conmers S406XXX Warehouse 1001xx 25th 50's Donny 1
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    Sunday morning breakfast with my little goth weeb after another epic wedding last night. Was having too much fun for a proper fit pic. Needed a sleeker profile so I broke out my vintage Johnston and Murphy Mastercraft cap toe oxfords. At one point the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn, a misguided impromptu post bachelor party hike years ago necessitated a rebuild which was sadly done with substandard replacement soles, destroying the fit and utility of the shoes. They have never been the same and are now relegated to only special events. And yes, I wore socks this time Bonus picture of the oxfords during the ill fated sole destroying hike, circa 2009. R.I.P.
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    I’ve been terrible about update post. Here are 2 pics from yesterday. I will make time soon to take more detailed photos.
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    An old pair of black Denime jeans. The fabric of these is lovely, a bit of slub inside and out, but they really don't seem to fade much. Leg twist on the left leg has brought the selvedge line to the front. And I enjoy how the fit is slim but seems to flare out ever so slightly at the hem.
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    Like usual, it took longer than we thought but we recently finished the nursery for our incoming baby. So we turned this: With several steps in between into this
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    from the land of largest number of covid daily deaths in the world. took my 12yo to get her first jab last week. she goes to jakarta's oldest catholic school—run by ursuline nuns—housed in a dutch colonial building. i was wearing a rendezvous with madness tee (oldest mental health-themed film festival in the world based in toronto, a friend runs it), a souvenir tote bag from 2nd japan where i used to buy all my flat head stuff from, rising sun blacksmith, and cheaney cairngorms.
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    A few from last week... The Tyne by night Across the high-level bridge into Newcastle Warning signs! Heeded
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    Trip up to the canny North East... First, up the coast to the out of the way delights of Low Newton by the Sea Walking along Embelton Bay with the ruins of Dunstanburgh Castle in the distance Junior MJF9 taking pics of me taking pics of her And some true blues
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    Been through some of my old stomping grounds in Berlin…a coffee at Bonanza. Wearing my 4 year old Dawson‘s. lots of bricks… quick stop at my favourite Döner spot of old days… A few more shots of the neighbourhood.
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    Got a rare couple hours to myself so did the obvious.....

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