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    Drove my kid to camp this week end. We rented a convertible Mustang, that was fun. TCB for him, IH & Patagonia for me.
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    Some of you might be interested: I'm working with Tilak to release their samples, prototypes, and seconds of their Poutnik and Japan-only line. First drop (pretty much everything is size S-M; sorry big bois) is available now at https://www.oddelene.com/tilak
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    Sharing on behalf of @benta9000.
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    Another month, another wash.
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    Thanks to both @chaosen and @alavkx for great transactions.
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    WTT: A) My J1A-LP sz S (9/10 No packing) for your p30a-ds (sz S or M) + USD 400 A1) J1A-LP SZ S FOR J53TS-GT SZ S (shipping on sender respectively) b) My J1a-lp (sz S) PLUS j1a-gt v2.2 (sz S/M) (YES, 2 FOR 1) for your Cp2-ss size M (9/10 above)+ USD 500 C) my cp2-ss sz L (9.5/10) for your cp2-ss sz M (9/10 above). Shipping on me. OTHER TO COULD BE TRADED OF IT INTERESTS YOU BELOW (TERMS TO BE DISCUSSED), not incline to sell: NG4-PS NEW NG9-PS P23A-DS SZ S J47A-GT SZ M J47r-gt sz M J1A-GT SZ S AND M V2.2 J54-lp sz M J1ts-s both colour available P24A-DS SZ M P27H-DS sz S J61-GT SZ S J36-S BLK SZ M J36-S.BI- COLOUR (BOTH BI AVAILABLE) SZ M J36-GT (SZ M) 7/10 INSIDE, 9/10 APPEARANCE J65-WS SZ M 9.9/10 J65-AK SZ M NO PACKING J28-GT SZ S P10a-ds sz M P25-DS (old version) 3a-1 RAF 3A-1 OG XPAC 3A-1 2018 XPAC BLK 3A-1 L1 (NO PACKING) 3a-3ts black xpac 2018 3A-5TS 2018 XPAC BLK 3A-6TS BLK FOIL MK1 XPAC BLK new Mk1 L2 new MK3 XPAC BLK new Mz4 Mz2 raf Mp2ts new
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    Cool video does not help answer the question of which is in SC denim but is informative all the same:
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    Warehouse 2002XX/Outlier/Orslow/Paraboot
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    WTS: CP4-WS, worn twice, comes with everything. The cape is "One Size." Looking for retail, plus duties I paid, so: 975 USD
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    Looks like the jeans are in production.
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    It's lovely. The mainline had a similar shade called Sultan's Palace - Trying to curb my enthusiasm for the denim..!
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    alright There are acrnm samples
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    At last co 118j FW 601xx 1947
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    S510XX 19oz post soak fit. Threw them in the washer and dryer to shrink them up and they fit really well, just a little wrinkly from the dryer. Love this denim
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    I also bought the J59-GTand can whole heartedly agree with peoples opinions. I didnt get the TS version from last year so was excited to cop this. year. I love the over sized fit and the shock cord really does change the profile; I prefer it cinched in tight so it fits more profile from the back. To my shame ive only worn it twice because of the heat, but it will be getting a lot of wear come September and on. super nice piece with a lot of nice touches and I like the crinkleness of the GT pro. I prefer it sans hood as an MA-1
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    MAKERSxJelado horsebutt engineer boots in 10 inch and 11 inch are for sale on Wolf Pack. https://global.rakuten.com/en/store/wolfpack/item/makers-10-engineer/ https://global.rakuten.com/en/store/wolfpack/item/makers-11-engineer/
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    Representing Wisconsin' best - Oshkosh vintage chambray shirt. So soft and comfy that it runs like butter. LVC 1955 Rigid. Sub 14060 (97')
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    Working on my Duck Diggers, perfect with a white t.
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    I'm pretty happy with my Slim Fatigue Pants. Fit just like I hoped they would. Also featuring some serious sunburn I got during a festival last weekend
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    Tcb 20s/30s tux Bob Dong white tee Excelsior
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    Haha all too trye @schmallo15 We'll probably go down that route. Btw, today is the last day to preorder, so don't sleep on it if you're still on the fence. Can't wait to get this started!
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    Some more information on the new Warehouse denim taken from a few staff blog posts. Please excuse the google translate “Since the newly developed denim is more than 14 oz, many people may be familiar with the 14.5 oz fabric familiar with the Lot 800XX etc. However, it is not that the feeling of Zara is strong so far and personally with the Lot 1001 XX etc. I feel that the familiar 13.5 ounces of dough are tightly packed. I think that the color is clearly darker than the 13.5 ounce fabric, but it seems that since the core of the thread is still clearly white, sharp color loss can be expected.” ”And attention is the analysis of wartime Vinteji-Denim, and it is a new 14 oz strength new denim fabric woven with yarn of vertical 6.7 × horizontal 6.6.” “By performing the refining process before the rope dyeing in normal temperature water instead of the general high temperature, the "white-white yarn" in which white clearly appears in the center of the yarn is faithful to the 40's Vinte di denim vertical yarn. I reproduce it. By increasing the concentration of the indigo dye, the contrast with the white part of the yarn comes out clearly, and you can expect a sharp decoloration like Vinte-Ji Denim in the 40's.”