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    Freewheelers / McCoys / Butcher Products / Vintage / Adidas Superstars (Lee Quinones)
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    In the spirit of trying to make this a bit more bloggy than the everyday denim update - a rainy and nice and chilly 10c afternoon walk with pup, just outside our neighborhood.
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    A quick update before third wash. These haven't seen as much wear as they might have, because after exchanging the 33s when they were too small, I lost lots of weight and now the 34s are too big in the waist. But with the contest nearing the finish line and having acquired a decent belt, I've been inspired to stick with them again.
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    @volvo240thebest -sorry to hear things have been bad but nice to see you here again. Here's to a much better 2022 - and best of luck with any late on s40's dremeling. If only a pic of an old (very )yello Volvo could brighten the day.....
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    hello beautiful people! I'm sorry for being very badly MIA during the last six months. Life hasn't been very kind to myself to put it mildly. My main job has become so stressful to put a dent or (or three) on my mental stability, and this made me, off all things, gain weight again, and loose interest in clothes. I think I may be ready for a no buy 2022 (unless I keep gaining weight!). I can still fit the jeans but truth be told now they're not much comfortable anymore so I don't wear them everyday. I'll try and find time to dremel the jeans and take a few pics of the jeans in the next weeks ; ) Very glad to see so many beautiful fades out there. Special mention to @Jared_Lee whose pair looks and fits fantastic.
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    I'm still out here wearing the 40s - not a lot of time to take pictures of myself/jeans though. Love the jeans.
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    FW Rising Sun LVC Knappave Clinch
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    Filson wool shirt Runabout Goods denim chino Whites
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    wts for Ming: j58-ws size M HKD 8950 gift tried on 2 mins which is more than enough to admit to himself middle-aged spread. DHL shipped (for US, NZ, CA, AUSTRALIA, ASIA. For other locations, shipping cost to be quoted)
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    ^same here. getting washed weekly Hayashi-san style. I'm in all kinds of labs for work recently, so I kinda have to
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    Denim updates, both fit and fabric. TCB has these spurts to its fabric aging. Six month and one year tend to mark a rapid progression in tonal shift and wear for me, both in the '50s and these S40s. Lovely jeans all around.
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    I'd spring for them but I have a pair headed my way soon enough.
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    Not as awesome as others, but I'm happy where I'm at considering I'm in front of a computer most days.
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    381 wear days in… discovered that both pocket bags have blown out, so I’m not wearing them today so as to not loose anything and going to patch em tonight. Hole in the back pocket as well, don’t think I’ll repair at this point with ~1.5 months left. Probably won’t wear them much once the contest is over. Not that I don’t like them, but have the same problem as many of you. Too many jeans and not enough legs! I have to say wearing a normal slim straight cut feels very odd and a pair that was previously a favorite feels too tight. Or did at first, feeling better with a few hours of wear.
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    boots from my first post on the forum: german boots vintage german boots from the 1930s / 1940s -- no cracked leather, rips or loose stitching, which is outstanding (not only for 80-90 year old boots). the lining (water resistant) is also in excellent condition. they received a resoling (double leather sole with protective rubber sole) with polishing in 2013, and that was it (shoe trees, conditioning with leather balm and wiping off with a damp cloth every once in a while notwithstanding). after regular wear (pics from today, january 2022):
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    Just moved into a new place so keepin' it simple and cozy. Cheers! Freewheelers Henley Warehouse & Co. DD denim Chup socks Wesco engineer boots
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    Happy New Year again! Watch cap wife-made Jamieson's Resolute 710 Paraboot
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    It looked liked this in the 1600's
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    This pub is just up the road from me.. It's opposite Hallam FC (the oldest football ground in the world) Developers are going to demolish it and build 8x town houses in it's place, local historians battled hard to save it citing cultural-vandalism (the previous pub had been on that land since 1600) it's where folks first sat down and drew up the rules of football, the council agreed with the campaigners and quashed the developers plans.. but the developers appealed and a building inspector over ruled the council .. so that's another part of the city's heritage gone. The council was also ordered to pay the developer an undisclosed amout, the inspector said refusing the plans was “unreasonable behaviour resulting in unnecessary or wasted expense” How depressing!
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    Vintage US Army M-65 Extreme Cold Weather Parka, label dates this to 1983, manufacturer Carbon Hill Mfg Co Inc, made in the USA With detachable quilted liner and Snorkel hood - both older, from the 70s Heavy duty Scovill brass front zipper In great vintage condition with some nice seam puckering and a worn, washed look Bartles recent parka pics re-catalysed my interest… thank you Sir! New big warm coat, very timely for watching my son’s football over winter And for shell layering for warmer times
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    Hey guys! Let me show you, here are a few belts I've made to order over the past few months.
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    Here’s why I’ve posted a couple of Hollywood stars wearing novelty/studded/jewelled belts … I’ve been busy SAMEHADA 9oz J&E Sedgwick Bridle Leather Shagreen (genuine stingray skin) inlays Standard Rivet vintage nickel spots in 3mm and 4.5mm sizes Standard Rivet vintage nickel jewel rings in 9mm and 11mm sizes Antique glass (1950s) jewels ~ 9mm in Sapphire and Montana Blue, 11mm in Vintage Rose Japanese nickel plated solid brass buckle Japanese vintage coin (Asahi 10 Sen, c1907~1917) 80% silver, 20% copper