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    Warehouse. Freewheelers x 2. Lofgren.
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    My old LVC 1955 501's must be over fifteen years old now. They've been patched and repaired and keep going strong.
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    @Double 0 Soul I’ve always just found the 13MWZ to be extremely durable. I remember watching my grandpa starch his wranglers each morning before going out on the farm/orchards. He never liked Levi’s and said they were for wannabe cowboys.. he told me to look for the ridgid jeans and W on the back pocket and I’d be in the right cowboy jeans.
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    Mandy Payne's 'Extraordinariness of Ordinariness' Painted on concrete panel so it has some lovely imperfections, you can see it displayed here at her Out of Time exhibition at Huddersfield Art Gallery https://youtu.be/1chA6I2yVBY (skip to 17.30) I mounted it within a tray frame because it was going to sit at the side of her 'Everything of Value Has Been Removed' (Park Hill) and i wanted them both to be in a white frame. Mandy lives just up the road from me so ive been lucky enough to visit her home studio a few times.
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    The painting is what remains of concrete wonder La Ronde, Billingham, Teeside, i bought it some time ago but due to lockdown i haven't been able to collect it.
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    Just finished making a set of trestles with wood I found on site
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    Worn 5-6 days per week. 1 repair and lots of trips through the washer and dryer. I like these jeans a lot.
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    Let's go a step further ---
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    Not sure if these sneakers qualify as shoes that look better with age. But here it is. Visvim’s first iteration of the joggers in light brown horween horsehide. Bought them nearly new, probably worn once or twice. Have been wearing them at least twice a week for 2 months. The leather is a brown colour with some reddish undertones. Pictures below.
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    a just washed silhouette & as the lockdown in the UK lifts a little, back to onsite working and observing global Britain at a standstill... popped back to a particular neglected corner of the world between rochester and chatham [rochester high street, just on the river medway], seeing how they are faring with the pause in the world... if the previous post was a little too pastoral, some broken glass to go with the pollarding... the church come gym now amassing its own tyre collection shops that are long boarded up and their neighbours... nearer the river itself; [this used to be a video game archive - now a house of rage...] in the reflection here: the chatham house I presume the international policy think-tank is named after [a listed building, long boarded up and sealed off] the local synagogue seems to have amassed a pile of shoes... and then some shots of st bartholomew's - the oldest hospital in the UK (established 1078 wikipedia tells me) until its closure in 2016... you know what it is becoming now... edit: the 'granite gym' posted earlier is actually st bartholomew's chapel - built around 1120, on original site of the hospital (so the internet tells me...) - this redevelopment is of the 19th century hospital rebuild... plus; wondering why there is no iconography of covid signs going on - a start to the collection
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    I know this is mostly a denim thread but I have a soft spot for LVC sweatshirts and Tees. The cuts fit my short stocky ass better and they can usually be picked up at a hefty end of season discount. I know they aren't as hardcore faithful as some of the loopwheeled Japanese repro brands but I love the freedom sleeves and very wearable fabric weight on the crewnecks. And the design of the 1950s hoodie is like nothing else out there. I also have one in black with some of the nicest heaviest French terry ever.
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    Being from the Midwest (and shortly relocating back) I believe this has been common knowledge for a some time. Though I surmise say it's equal parts cost as "cowboy image" ...I've known some quite financially comfortable individuals who are quick to gripe about overpriced Levi's (while using Wrangler as the point of comparison), all while complaining they can't find anything good MiUSA anymore. Ha! I'm actually more surprised if there is a swing as opposed to a more firm brand dedication now...
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    Or are Levi’s simply biden their time?
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    ^agreed @unders, proper old skool overalls fit
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    Stetson Tom Ford Lee 101J Sunray Dubbleware carpenter 70s Cons
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    Vintage knit cap LVC crewneck sweat Old Red Tab 517 (w/ that weird cotton/poly denim for that permacrease and soft dusty 70's fade) Polo socks (the best) Vans Off The Wall
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    200 wears in. I've switched to washing them every month or so since my last update. Have a bit of love–hate relationship with the rise on these!
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    Those are some big back pockets
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    stetson San Francisco tcb20s redwing
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    Well, well...
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    Jeans are still going strong and getting daily wear. Glad we are heading in to spring time here too
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    Relevant comment because I happened to take this photo earlier today of my 1001HXX and 1101 in banner denim. Both were produced around 2017, but the difference in texture is pretty considerable.
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    Post-wash update on the S2004 Maybe 6 months' regular wear at this point, give or take
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    Atlastco lot 161 , 2 yrs of wear. repaired a pocket back, a button came of, button hole about to wear thru.