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    Vintage hat (Dobbs) RRL Rising Sun Hollows RMC White's
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    That was yesterday TBH. My family visited Cambridge, including the MIT campus. Freewheelers shirt,Tender belt, Warehouse jeans.
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    Leather Things Motor cordovan Oxford in green. Love the colour variation on these.
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    Happy Sunday y’all! My girls’ parents are visiting us so I felt dressing up a bit was appropriate. Buzz Rickson’s / Porter Yoshida / Warehouse / 3Sixteen / Converse
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    Same as usual but got my sidekick Me Vintage ww2 usmc deck vest Conners S406XXX Warehouse 1001xx 25th 50's Donny 1 Jack Vintage 507xx Hoody Nippers N01 jeans Jordan 1
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    Great page! Sun Surf / At Last / Alden
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    Photo bombed my boys new shoes picture. nigel cabourne, patched up atlast co, vans
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    Just realised I’ve not posted on this thread for a bit … Bootleggers Wavy and Lot 213, Freewheelers Jesse and Lot 601xx 1951, Tender and White’s
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    Another low light blurry iPhone photo... Vintage Penny's hat Old moth eaten scarf Mister Freedom Runabout Goods White's
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    Self Edge Iron Heart 19oz over dyed jacket 3sixteen garment dyed sweatshirt warehouse 1001 Boyworldwide sneakers
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    Remington western Ralph Lauren belt Levi's 5O1 STF Revolution Brewing hankie Shell Longwings My daughter's Chuck Taylors (and unmade bed.)
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    Tcb boss of the cat overalls
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    At the hotel Old cotton flannel, hanes T, diy belt, pherrows 466, rw merchant
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    Once a lurker, now a user. Hello everyone! My name is Hugo. I am a novice (at least I consider myself) denim enthusiast. Buzz Rickson / Velva Sheen / Momotaro / Vans / Oscar
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    After meeting the tailor at the newly opened Levi's store near me, I decided to finally alter the leg on my STF 501s from the knee down to more closely match one of my vintage pairs with a strong taper. Only took them in about an inch but I'm absolutely loving the fit now. Kate's pearls Ridiculous vintage sweater H&M Mickey T VIntage tea core belt Currently broken Seiko 5 Pink weft 501 STF Safety toe Nettletons
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    Big up @beautiful_FrEaK hopefully many more to follow School run mornings are still pretty fresh so layering up as much as poss: MF, RMC, Tender (belt) and TCB
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    Full Count // TCB40s // Viberg x Iron Heart
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    I think I've got a new hobby now... Merz - Denime 66 - Veja
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    #brotherhoodofthebib @bartlebyyphonics My pair of tcb boss of the cat should here next week, I couldn't resist either ; ) Tcb seaman X Lee Jp X Excelsior
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    Here's my midnight Ranch Blouse. Just an initial warm soak, no washes. Owned for about 20 months, occasional but consistent wear. That's a lens cap in the pocket - don't love the look there but I keep a spare in most of my jackets and use it more than I'd like.
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    Just landed, glad I picked these up (and happened to sell my black PBJs in the same timeframe!) Exactly what I had been after in a pair of black, straight cut jeans. Just threw them in the wash to address any shrinkage, initial fit was good even a tad big at w38.
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    Old-ish... chainstiched Roy, cats eye buttons and busted seam
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    A (small) bag-full of Bronson bangers... £90 for 3 t-shirts, 1 henley, 1 watch cap... I really like the t shirts - reasonably heavy, wash well thus far 18 days shipping, no customs charges What's not to love?