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    Business meeting attire 9 usd taobao jacket Bii free ocbd Bob dong n31 jeans Sanders tassel loafers
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    Come on dwc2! Denim bridge comp interest thread soon has more post! Anyways, not been wearing the TCB60’s for a while. Here’s how they are as of today.
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    Dinner out. TCB vest MF shirt CSF RW
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    Don't think I haven't been keeping my eye out, Edwin—I'll let you know if / when something pops up
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    Shoutout to kampongkid for a very smooth transaction for an Acronym T-14 Shirt.
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    Still 100% rigid, factory hems intact, hell yeah I'm on a roll
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    just washed my no.2 denim after two months of wearing
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    I'm casting no stones at people wearing them but as opposed to repro's are they just copying MF, Sugarcane etc designs and churning out cheap copies? H&M for denim heads?
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    Sugar Cane Type II. Bought in one-wash, worn around 70 times, washed once. seems like a slow fader
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    Why is it so hard to find black weft denim made in Japan that isn’t slim?
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    More peasant repairs. Zorro style I am back wearing these as much as i can for the final stretch. I hope the mediterranean heat and frequent washes will make the difference in the home stretch.... BTW I am really digging the 20s look without a belt and cinched to the max. Something i never thought about in the last months. Im also delighted to have discovered that yours truly is aknowledged as a "style icon" on a chinese denim forum. I would have preferred to be described as a "style genius" but I can live with that too...
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    Humpty Dumpty Taobao hat / Mascots / Orslow 6005 / Bpcall OG 107 / Vansh
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    I really like orSlow's stuff. @Broark the fabric they use for the shirt is the same as the one they use for the Fatigue Pants? With the warmer weather I see myself wearing the Cargo pants more often
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    Picked up this OrSlow military shirt from Independence while in Chicago. Honestly surprised that I took a 4 in this, always imagined I'd be a 5 in OrSlow shirts and jackets. At the time it was out of necessity as it was cooler than I'm used to, but in reality it's a shirt that I've wanted for a long time. Excuse the dog photobombing the shots.
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    hey Ken! Glad to see you still post here from time to time. Post a fit sometimes! your IG feed was one of my absolute favourites! it's so stupid that it almost can't be true, but it's true, and I had to buy it.
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    20s Taobao engrish t shirt Chucks
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    Just posted some photos of a new-to-me pair of Cane's over in the Leepro thread. Abridged version here. Anyone know what model these are?
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    Rite Stuff / Cane's / Chacos Too hot for a shirt, too hot for socks and shoes
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    Lot 2000 No.1 10 years, falling apart...
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    1702XX contest jeans 25-30 washes since April 2016
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    Seamens shorts; I think going into their third summer now:
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    A pair of distressed roughout belts. Made from roughout oak bark tanned leather (J&FJ Baker) and finished with a hand burnished stonewashed solid brass fasteners.
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    Vasco cowhide teacore garrison belt:
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    New Oni's are up! The 12 oz Kiraku in the 902: https://indigoshrimp.wordpress.com/2019/01/27/oni-denim-902-kiraku-jeans-review/
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    Hey chambo2008, here are the Momotaro/Blue in Green NI0705SP hand dyed natural indigo jeans; only 22 pairs were made. The tack buttons, posts and underside buttons are 925 Sterling Silver. The leather patch is hand dyed with natural indigo but has faded over time. To really geek out, the pocket bags are very substantial; the heaviest I’ve encountered with Momotaro logo embossed throughout. Dimensions are reasonable with a size 36 measuring: thigh 12.5”; knee 9.5”; LO 8.5”; inseam 35”. I purchased them in Fall, 2011 and have yet to break them in! Other photos and details here http://thevitamine.blogspot.com/2011/12/momotaro-blue-in-green-ni0705sp-slim.html