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    Congrats @buler! In other news I'm starting to get slightly visible fades on my thighs - I'm not sure the photo captures it that well though. There's also quite a lot of fading going on at the fly. Most likely because I like rubbing crotch against various things. My plan is to hold off on washing for a while yet. We'll see. Out on a stroll in the nice autumn weather. Warehouse BDD / Heimat / 40s / RDT
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    X-post from the Boncoura thread. Rainbow Country A-2
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    Nice story, memories & tunes there @Double 0 Soul Friday night Saturday Morning is one of their best for sure. Very factual urban poetry with regards to Coventry city centre night life back then. The Larcano was a music venue/nite spot which was called Tiffanys in the late 70's, I was lucky enough to get to see them there back in the day, as well as The Selector & The Bodysnatchers. Ended up in the mentioned chip shop (was called The Parsons Nose) many many many times, and yes the pies were really nice! The taxi queue was just across the road. As it's Friday Night I'll leave this right here.....
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    thanks for your creativity and the slogan for my future president campaign. Glad to deal with you.
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    Yeah, fuck Ed Sheeran! The Specials should be a rite of passage for all kids, i like Friday Night Saturday Morning, it's urban poetry. When i was a sexy teenager i had a bit of bedroom dj set up, i used to go to Manchester on the train every Saturday to buy vinyl and often come home on Sunday.. i first met my Mrs on one such trip across the Pennines, i was a besotted 17 year old, she was a much cooler 18 year old on placement living in a hotel in Manchester, doing a retrateurs diploma... these 2 tracks remind of that loved up time. Fast-fwd to our wedding, we'd been to South America and the anti-malaria drugs meant that her birth control wasn't going to work but we'd had thoughts towards it being a perfect time to start a family, of course the inevitable happened. Not being the conventional types, we made a snap decision to get married when she was 6mths preggers, just the two of us, her twin Sis and my dearest friend as witnesses, they asked us to pick two tunes which i was stressing over with a massive 'short' list, they said we could go with the standard cassette (cassette? this was 2009) which we did, we walked in to this.. and left to this.. the registrar was as camp as Christmas, it couldn't have been anymore fitting
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    p16 is a slimmer cut in leg width and as someone said before, waist size will be diff. have both in same size (S) and i need a belt with 24, no need for belt with 16. also stacks different due to length and leg width and 24 has reinforced rear band seating, none on 16
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    @Thanks_M8 yeah, I work in an atomic physics lab / run an experiment looking at cavity qed / optomechanics / spin optodynamics—I don’t really like most of the swag shirts (except SRS; theirs are 100% cotton, comfortable, & hold up well), but I also don’t like letting things go to waste, so… @Mtvare after most of a day of wear the front and rear rises measure 11.75” and 15.5”, respectively. @all, the waist now measures 33” on the dot, but I’ll keep updating that. I really like the fabric on these. Everything about them besides the construction & detailing, actually, reminds me heavily of the black Wranglers my dad used to wear (maybe still wears?), and I think on some subconscious level that’s what I’ve been looking for in black jeans this whole time
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    Real McCoy’s lot s003. These are taking a long time but the denim is breaking in really nicely. But I am having to keep on top of the repairs.
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    Sounds like a good do Neal, where was my invitation? Who doesn’t like a bit of Kenny & Dolly? My brother-in-law always plays that when he’s had a few. Not so sure about Kylie & Jason though, even ironically, great view of the Tyne Bridge in the video though. One of my mates got married in a barn just outside Norwich, with a hog roast, ‘twas a great affair. As we all entered the chapel for the ceremony, this was playing and I think I was the only one who knew it apart from the happy couple who selected it! As it’s Friday and I’m working from home with Jazz FM on the radio, I’ll throw this in for free:
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    It's officially rainy season here in the Pacific Northwest! My buttons notified me of this.
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    My old ROY Loomstate denim. The Cone Mills loomstate denim has worn well.
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    Maybe I got bored after 9 years, but none of this is exciting same as J28, J36, J47A, CP2, P10, P23A, P24A etc were. Just don't feel current vibes, last great season was FW-1516 imho – all killer no filler.
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    There is no copywriter, it's all Lorem Gibson.
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    Great idea @Thanks_M8! I will copy you and do that later I really need to catch up on a lot of you these coming months!
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    WTS below. Prices are shipped in US (preferred) with full pack. Will discount for multiple items. Everything priced for its condition. Can only ship on Saturdays. P34-S Raf Small. Worn and washed per care tag and Granger’s. Normal stotz wear on fabric but no rips/tears/stains. $650 SOLD ON HOLD P20-S Black Small. Condition and care same as above. $600 P14-CH Grey Melange Small. Very worn, and priced accordingly. No major trauma but definite signs of wear. $200 SOLD
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    Crosspost from the TCB-Contest-Thread comparing these two beauties. Pics are blurry sadly, light was bad, i wasn't fully awake yet. Cheers
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    Also on the topic of acrnm/Tilak this is errolson designed. The original concept was gtx wool but that was apparently too crazy for buyers...
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    ^^ a pic from a while ago to show the volume (forgive me the angle!) (will probably get them hemmed at some point when I get around to it)
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    3A-3TS Acquired. Still looking for P25-DS/P25H-DS in Size Small. Also looking for P35-DS in Small ((Mothersite is sold out )