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    Took my Tender and Cushmans to Norfolk to visit the natives:
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    こんにちは 日本からの先輩 二度目の洗濯をしました ひざ周りが白くなった I'm fine
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    Hi! Everyone. The repair work of the campsite I participated in was completed and it was reopened. This is a photo before the reopening. And my contest jeans. It doesn't change much ...
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    I thought i had lost this jacket. I’m not a huge fan of the brand but this indigo wool jacket is pretty great still. Poten Apolis chore jacket Merz T-shirt Sugar Cane 1947 all time high socks buzz rickson sneakers
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    Been a while...haven’t worn my pair religiously, but frequently enough. There are just too many days up here north when you stay indoors and never get out of your PJ pants. the old 1920’s contest pair as a backdrop. Recently washed (5 or 6th wash), but already getting dirty again. Changed the angle to get better light...
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    Another wash... I got distracted inspecting them close up while they were drying Also some pre-emptive crotch reinforcement...
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    Mf Skivvy FW 1943 Whites
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    Thanks everyone! Good news the fourth Covid test is finally negative. I should be back to normal life in ten days ; ) Gorgeous fades @diggers
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    Freewheelers Cassady, Trackwalker, Neal and Locomotive Engineer with White’s
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    Vintage short sleeve sweat Levis 501 STF Vintage Shell Longwings Timex Mural by Matt Pennetti for Skeleton Key Brewery https://instagram.com/uhoh_pennetti_ohs?igshid=y068k3m8to37 The jeans were labeled black / neon pink but in reality they have an inky indigo warp with pink weft. Reminds me of my old Julian Red Nikki Sixx jeans. Gave them a long hot soak before worn to dry. Added some pre and post soak pics. Lost at least 2 inches in length and the top block tightened up quite a bit.
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    Thought the khaki colour would be a little hard to wear and I hate having items of clothing that I feel I can only wear with certain things .... so I dyed them black I'm wearing them with the 50's warehouse 25th , I'm not entirely used to the double cuff but I've hemmed the 46 to wear with no cuff so I think ill keep these as they are for now ( maybe the cuff will grow on me
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    Had a stroll up Abbydale Road today... Walked through the park, past some concave glass Along Sharrow Vale road... had a look around the yard behind Gilberts junk emporium Past The Porter Book Shop ...up the hill towards Psalter lane and down towards Abbydale past Kid Acne's Birth of Hip-Hop ..shortcut through the ball courts Strip the Willow, where you can get your painted woodwork srtipped back to bare wood ..who doesn't love an old bubbly machine . ...a different Cole's Corner ...even though it's a sleepy Sunday, it's great to see folks around and a sense of normality returning . Derelict, Abbydale Picture Palace . Swifties, my favourite archetectural salvage joint, closed on Sundays.. Gin Joint . Bike shop Dress Makers ..gotta love this shop front . Broady, where all the climbers hang out, i hooked up with Sugar Mountain for a pint here a few years ago.. . . Groceries . . . Tailor Barry's Bar, . Up cemetary road past Lansdown Flats Through leafy Kenwood ...along Psalter Lane ...and back home
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    A new acquisition. Vintage 1930's hunting vest by Carl Pool. Really cool details.
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    WTS: P31-DS Medium. Likes new, full pack. Pictures at link below. $800 shipped in US.
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    Engineered Garments Todd Snyder x Champion LVC 54s Superstar These were supposedly a special edition; "adidas Originals take influence from the precise details of Japanese craftsmanship, presenting this premium edition of the legendary shell toe Superstar in Cloud White/Core Black/Blue" Any Japanese craftsman who produced shoes of this quality would be committing seppuku shortly after. Returned the first pair they were so poor and these aren't great quality, nice leather though.
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    just got my 800’s back from repairs
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    FW hat, Samurai jacket, Warehouse tee, FW pants
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    here is mine again. Can’t remember which version this is. Pink line selvedge. So don’t know how many years. But lots of wear and a couple wash
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    Lot 162 before a wash last week 2.5 years of on-off wear Pics from new... And now...
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    Yeah that’s me still around here’s one for yah just coupled a Mccoys sateen 107
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    Ranch Blouse Took some new pre-wash pics (in lots of light making it look bluer) Had this about 3.5 years from new... it was my main jacket for 1 year then it took a backseat to my CSF... been wearing more in last 6 months Original shots and now... Reminds me these things are made to last