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    X-posting because this thread deserves some loving! Washed my old Denime 506XX about a week ago. No clue about number of washes or how much I've worn it now.
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    Samurai hat, shirt and jeans Toys Mccoy jacket Red wings
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    S&S gave me a nice little surprise with the: one of the Santa Fe totes that OA made for their Santa Fe opening! I believe the edges are selvedge and the fabric is unsanforized, so it'll shrink and warp a bit with a soak. Gave the jeans a warm wash, should be dry by tomorrow. It's been while since I've had a fresh pair of OA's, and I'm always reminded why I enjoy their work so much.
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    Homemade hat, Real McCoy's N1, UES indigo flannel, Freewheelers aviator trousers, Vibergs
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    As requested Samurai S0110XJ2 worn off and on for five years
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    Washed my old Denime 506XX about a week ago. No clue about number of washes or how much I've worn it now.
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    Fit pics! Pretty happy with the fit, length, etc.
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    Flat Head. Bronson. Ooe. Viberg.
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    Sierra designs Deluxeware sweat Warehouse 1004xx Yuks The Drakkar
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    That jacket is awesome @pudaspriest ! Monsivais, Globe Specs, CSF, Freewheelers, Hollows, Railcar, Role Club
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    tender tux / filson / russell mocs
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    I managed to grab a made in USA (with Cone denim) LVC triple pleat in my size. This jacket has been on my "to buy" list for many years and I figured I had to grab it before this version was completely gone. The fit is quite slim, especially when I compare it to my Conners Sewing Factory jacket. Even more than that, it is quite short. It's not uncomfortable to wear, but I've never worn such a short jacket and it feels like it's too short, but I like how it looks in the pictures. I didn't expect to like this one so much, but it's now already my favorite non-leather jacket. Makes me more sad about this fabric being no more. I took pre-soak shots of it on its own, but I still need to take post-soak shots of the fabric, though I'm sure those already exist in this thread (those fade pics above from @Paul T look great!). I'd love to find a duck version as well.
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    I was a little worried about that, but I got around it by purchasing an immaculate, fully-operational replica of a B-29 (fastidiously made by Japanese artisans in the mountains of Yamagata prefecture.)
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    Incoming... My mate went to Japan for the Rugby World Cup Pursuaded him to visit Timeworn in Shibuya as my personal shopper lulz Amusing as he has no interest in denim Lot 147 was pre-planned, match for the 147J, so he easily picked out from my photo The shop has a 'no photos' rule so it was less easy on the phone trying to pick a second item out - must visit myself at some point Reverted to the 677J as I'd tried it before in London I've taken a load of stick - the size of the turn ups, you can get the same on eBay for £25 etc etc etc I've now put myself on a denim ban for at least 18 months - too much part-worn stuff already - I'll review again in May 2021 The packages should arrive later this week...
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    ‘Dint get a chance to check & update mine ... too lazy, I guess. Besides, I’m just gonna get depressed posting after @Foxy2 & @Broark ... Oh, & @beautiful_FrEaK @Maynard Friedman @Bobbo But, recently concluded DWC2, opened up Spot# 7 on my F/W rotation. So, I may have to dig up my jawns to figure out w/c takes the spot. 1Somet 2Samurai S710 BKSHDW 3r by 45rpm Fujimon 4Momo 202SP 5Evisu No1 Special Lot2000T 6FOB F151 7DWC2 Momo G014-MB
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    @Maynard Friedman It is pretty unique denim for sure, interesting hue, very flat, no irregularities to speak of and softened up quickly. They a feel almost like thick sweatpants at this point. Also an extremely tough fabric, only pair I own that has had significant wear but has required absolutely no repairs. I made these my dirty job pair early on so they have been through a lot. I wan't wild about this pair for quite a while but after I made them the beater pair I grew quite fond of them and at this point they are one of my favorite jeans, just took a while to come into their own. Pic of the denim when they were new for comparison sake
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    Silky smooth transaction with @chaosen wouldn’t hesitate to work with again. Really appreciate legit peeps like you and not having to deal with the typical bst shenanigans Thanks again for the speedy shipping.
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    x-posting a tender tux...
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    Ha indeed... heritage wear Might need a double cuff for modern days to avoid being dunked in single origin filter coffee
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    P34-E small, tried on. $1000 shipped within US. International message for quote.