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some dancy-ish electronic music. bass heavy but with good instrumental  melody? Was into peace orchestra recently. suggestions?

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did a mix of some new and old techno. less on the industrial side more on the loopy/driving/youknow side.

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Last week i saw prosumer locally, what a great house dj. Also made this flyer for the event.



Truncate played the next night to a crowd of like 30, such good banging journey tracks.





Labyrinth was incredible. Amazing set from Peter Van Huesen, about 2 hours of his set was OG dubstep influenced techno. So solid. Sverca, Orphx, and petar dundov were all kind of new to me, and absolutely blew me away. Im now obsessed with semantica label. Dj Nobu's set was another 4 hours of some of the most solid house and techno music from the hometown hero. Great way to lead into Donnato Dozzy set which was about 6 hrs of ripping psy head fuck techno. It was quite unreal, Ive never heard a set of that intensely psycadellic , and hi BPM techno. The food was top notch, healthy, cheap and surprisingly gourmet. It rained typhoon style for 3 days straight, so it was all mud rain and smiles. I will return. 

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End of year lists? Not including reissues, in no particular order:



Omar-S - The Best! [FXHE]

Skee Mask - Shred [ilian Tape]

SW - SUED 15

Don't DJ - Musique Acephale [berceuse Heroique]

Acronym - Entangled in Vines [semantica]



Wata Igarashi - Mood of the Machines [bunker NYC]

V/A - Tracks Vol 2 [Cititrax]

Kangding Ray/Rrose - Ardent/Swallows [stroboscopic Artefacts]

Voices From The Lake/Wata Igarashi - Zulu Vortex/Night [Time to Express]

Will Long/DJ Sprinkles - Purple/Blue/Mint/Clay/Rust/Yellow/Ivory [Comatonse]

Elmo Crumb - I'm Still Dizzy [TTT]

Willow - Workshop 23

Don't DJ - Authentic Exoticism [sEXES]

Dan Kye - Ease, Joy, Lightness [Rhythm Section]

Ondo Fudd - Blue Dot [TTT]

Lapien - Something to Show You/Something to Tell You [Mistress]

Call Super - Nervous Sex Traffic [Dekmantel]

Terence Fixmer - Beneath the Skin [OTON]

DJ Sotofett/SVN - Current 82 (12 Mix)/Dark Plan 5 [Keys of Life]

DJ Deep - Cuts Vol. 2 & 3 [Deeply Rooted]

Mike Simonetti - Release Your Body to the Best [2MR]

Antigone - Time Enough at Last [Token]

Kobosil - RK2 [RK]

Massimilliano Pagliara - Connection Lost Pt 2 [uncanny Valley]

Sciahri - Behind the Line [black Opal]

Nathan Melja - A.C.I. [black Opal]

Amato - Les Desordre Et La Nuit [Cititrax]


Most things on Mood Hut, Antinote, Ilian Tape, Stroboscopic Artefacts, Northern Electronics.



Honorable mentions:

Marie Davidson - Adieux Au Dancefloor [Cititrax]

NGLY - Cities of Illusion [LIES]

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