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  1. Tattoos

    dan nelson @ rose tattoo
  2. Tattoos

    thanks man, definitely getting more when he comes back.
  3. Tattoos

    got these last week Joe Chatt aka IHAVEADEATHWISH and k brown
  4. Minimal, Tech Haus, Techno & Variants

    did a mix of some new and old techno. less on the industrial side more on the loopy/driving/youknow side.
  5. Tattoos

    i just really scrub it right after with dr bronners and then leave it alone and it heals fine. no bubbles or anything also minimal scabbing.
  6. Tattoos

    just moved from directly above east river to across from rose tattoo. excited to get some walk in shit done on the way home from snack shopping.
  7. Post Your Creations (pics, artwork, media, design...)

    dope flyer and stingray rules
  8. Tattoos

    super dope marw
  9. germany :: berlin :: general

    about blank is super dope. the wear black thing to berghain is bullshit. just get someone to put u on the list and wear whatever you want.
  10. Tattoos

    got this outline last week from Damien J thorn, finishing the shading this weekend before he leaves NYC. hurt so bad. also hate that i have to take shirtless pics. edit: removing this pic from IG will post after tomorrow when i get it filled in edit edit: new updated pic, wings go up to my traps but im waiting for completion to post whole thing. couple more sessions to go for bird and background
  11. coffee anyone?

    about life is great. i also really loved Light Up in kichijioji and Cafe Use in shimokitazawa
  12. japanese punk

    god damn i wish i was there. death side playin with tetsu arrey tm in nyc but its sold out of course.
  13. Tattoos

    got some sleazy shlaggtats from soto.gang while she was in brooklyn for the week. also finally got another appt with damien thorn when he returns, covering my stomach instead of the chest. super excited and super stressed about the pain. sorry if this image is too large, not sure how to resize.
  14. coffee anyone?

    i definitely need the variable temp kettle now, i didnt realize at the time how much of a pain it can be sometimes. ill leave the buono to my gf/roommate to make tea or whatever it is they do.
  15. Tattoos

    setting up another appointment with damien j thorn when he returns to nyc, just waiting for confirmation. want to get a jungle crow on my chest/sternum. hope this happens.