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worst streetstyle


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maybe there ain't such a correlation between graduating from a respectable uni / college and dressing atleast 'well'.


literally EVERYTHING you say is utterly retarded. I just saw you across four threads and each time you diarrhea'd shit on your keyboard.

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schad=ultimate troll ;)

not even posted any fits yourself have you doeee

how is shit trolling?  just stated a fact.  far as this forum is concerned ur a piece of shit.  don't know y ur still here.


fit or no fit, that has nothing to do with this.

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U speak for the forum do you?

regardless of what the forum thinks, society doesn't rate you particularly, i've seen you be racist and make some dumbass remarks

+ the attention seeking is just generally kinda cute

You'll never make it



y not link 2  my alleged racism?   my  posts are better than yr's.


how do u even define "attention seeking" posts?  anyway if cute, u should appreciate and rep more often.


and i've already made it.

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We don't have to like everyone but peaceful co-existence is the goal. Can we quit before bans are handed out? It is in your hands.

oh fuck off.

peaceful co-existence? have you heard yourself?

superfuture is not known for peaceful co-existence.

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