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Marc Jacobs is maybe going to Dior. At least talking with some big du. Too tired to read up on that shit though, but what the fuck.
Also, the rumour is now that when Marc goes to Dior, Philo will take his place at LV.

these are just rumors.

a) Celine is still growing so Arnault isn't going to risk moving people around B) philo lives and works in london and she prefers "reasonable hours" so she isn't going to overwork herself

my reasoning is backed up in these articles:



maybe jacobs goes to dior because he doesn't want to share the spotlight. MAYBE. but Philo isn't going anywhere i can guarentee you that. my guess is that they'll pick someone low key like kim jones for lv and humberto leon and carol lim for kenzo. thats what i would do anyways.

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left is asos lol

Wonder how that panned out. There seems like subtle differences, but I bet raf production is exactly the same. They probably used the same knit factory, but the most interesting part is what the price difference will be between the two garments.

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