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Any denim heads around in South East Asia?


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mr bunga im going back this christmas, lets go thrifting!

am looking for some type2 jackets..

bundle/ 2nd hand shops in malaysia used to be gold mines for vintage back then. now people more aware of the rarity of their stuff prices gone up exponentially

but cant complain the price is still relatively low compared to overseas :)

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@crappykid - hit me up next time you're in malaysia ;)

@drz - sweet, take some pics from the event and share with us will you?

unfortunately i'm not in Indonesia right now, but some of my friends are attending and will sure take some good pics of the events. Hopefully the event goes well and can be an annual event in the future

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last week we've done the first denim exhibition in Indonesia and maybe the first one in south east asia. The event shows some faded jeans, raw jeans, their comparison and showcases some of the emerging local jeans brand from Indonesia. There is also a little denim market selling abundant stuff related to denim (jeans, apparel, shoe, made in indo wallets)

You can read the review and see the photos here http://www.darahkubiru.com/2009/12/wall-of-fades-2/

it's in Indonesian (I think bunga can understand some of the language), but you get the point from all the pics there. hopefully the event will proceed annualy and maybe growing into somekind of tour around Indonesia and south east asia. And visit also www.darahkubiru.com, it's somekind of denim dedicated site written all in Indonesian :D

btw here is some pic for those too lazy to click and read the link above








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thanks for the update drz...looks like a really cool event, it's great that Indonesian heads took the initiative to come up with this event for denim fans to gather together.

here's the translation for the first couple of paragraphs:-

"After the long wait and anticipation, the Wall of Fades event finally happened last Saturday to the general public. Conceived as a Denim Exhibition and Denim Market, the event was put together by the Indigo community with support from local denim brand, Vision Mission Jeans. Word is that Wall of Fades is the first Denim Exhibition of its kind in South East Asia.

Wall of Fades presented more than 20 pairs of jeans divided into various categories. One of the main categories is the repro jeans section which featured 2 pairs of jeans from Levi's Strauss & Co as well as Lee HD Company. These jeans represented output from the two of the oldest denim companies which are the pioneer brands in the world of denim. Other tables featured Dry Denim (raw denim perhaps?) from Japanese brands such as The Flat Head, Ande Whall from New Zealand and finally, Vision Mission which is a homegrown Indonesian brand.

Next up, a section featuring Worn Jeans were also on display with examples from Cheap Monday, SExlo4 Imperial Brand Clothing as well as Nudie Jeans. Also on display were APC denim jackets, Iron Heart as well as Massa Genuine jeans"

will translate the rest when i get the time. =)

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Checking in from Bangkok.

Don't know any other denimheads in the city, even though I'm sure there are many lurking about and mostly rocking Evisu or old Levis. The only other guy was Largo, but he moved back to NYC.

The weather in BKK is great right now to wear 15oz denim, compared to other times of the year. Unfortunately, I'm in the office during the week and don't get a chance to wear denim to the office. Here's to all the other weekend warriors on here :)

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thx for the spread of words, bunga.

I think the event has some potential to become bigger and there are still lots of room for improvements here and there. I personally wanted you to come and maybe donate some of your thrifted vintage stuffs ;)

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Hello from Manila! There's only two stores here with Dior, APC, Acne, and sometimes some Ernest Sewn, Cheap Mondays, Stronghold and Evisu. Levi's had a few LVC pieces for a while, but no more.

I'm wondering what's available in Singapore? My brother and his family are there. Any good shops with denim I could check out next time I visit them?

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