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Any denim heads around in South East Asia?


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No worries bunga, I thought if can should still meet up. It's might even be only 2 guys but it's a start.

Yeah the local denim scene sucks big time with everybody going ga-ga over 7 or True Religion. Part of it is due to lack of knowledge on denim's heritage. Also raw denim are non existent in Malaysia and rather costly to acquire and our weather doesn't exactly encourage thick denim usage.

the bundle or vintage kakis (bahasa for heads) do have their own circle, they're just not that net savvy or active on forums such as sufu, there's plenty of local bundle shops nowadays that do have their own blogs.

here's one for a start:-

http://trendbundle.blogspot.com/ - based in Batu Pahat

it's not as bad as it seems, just that denim is seen as more as a fashion thing rather than an everyday workwear item, i kinda like it the way it is now - kinda cultish and smallish with a group of die-hards who are passionate about their denim instead of being concerned about logos hehe.

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hi guys,

quick announcement, we're planning a KL Sufu heads meet-up this Sunday May 17th.

4pm onwards

Central Market Annexe

Mamak stall on the ground floor (forgot the name)

So far me, melor and another friend will be there. If any of you would like to come, please pm me so we can trade contact info. What's gonna happen? Well we're gonna have a cup of teh tarik, have a nice chat - if you can bring your favorite pair or even denim that you would like to trade/sell off that'll be good.

ok hope to see as many peeps as possible this Sun!

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hello from Indonesia! I heard some of our friends from Indonesia have some plan to make somekind of a denim exhibition there. Keep an eye on them, guys!

true, keep an eye on the indonesia thread

kinda making all the arrangement right now, end of the year maybe?

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@jimbok - All my jeans were purchased chain stitched to my specs. Only yesterday (through Bunga) that I discover that there is chain stitching service in KL. I have been to the said shop and yes they do have a chain stitching machine. So from now onwards any future denim purchase I will chain stitch in KL after the initial soak. It is far cheaper and more accurate.

I have visited the Singapore thread quite often and I don't think they have any chain stitching service there.

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nice meet-up today with denim nut and melor, only 3 of us but that's a start i guess. just shooting the breeze and checking out each other's collection

@denim nut - nice meeting you, after seeing your stuff think i'll get a raw pair of new denim soon. =)

Denim Nut's Kapital Zipang TP-2, couple months of wear



Bling! Gold plated rivet phew!


Mine - Denime XX Type



Melor's 12-year old.....Union Bays! Damn....


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wow this thread is back from the dead, post up some pics guys.

Pbj 007 7 months young, worn hard 2 soaks 1 wash.




I heard that malaysia has a good selection of thrift market, too bad when I was there none take me around :(

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