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Any east-coast architects here that have worked for / with / know anything about Ballinger?  Considering going for an internship with their engineering team in the fall.

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Hi brains trust , I bought an old Art Deco dance hall a few years ago that I am going to move into soon as a residence and am looking for some insperation to remodel .

ATM it is built on three boundaries so I can't have Windows except on the front and on any additional floor that is added and skylights .

so would like recommendations for sites to look at .

cheers .

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On 8/13/2018 at 7:48 PM, cbje_tokyo said:

Related to architecture, I undertook a photography project exploring Modern Public Housing in Japan, known as Danchi ( 団地 ). Held an exhibition in an old factory and I am currently developing a photobook based on the series.











Well that's really nice and perfect clicks.

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