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Jawn wise:

Haven't posted 4 EV VURRR. but I'll be in the bean all day tomorrow jawn scouting and xmas shopping. I'll update the thread if I see anything nice. I was there today, but too late to shop around. Hopefully Alan Bilzerian will have some nice stuff left, Barneys has nothing. The new mall store called Zoomies (or something like that) thats been popping up is pretty much a what Bodega slowly will become, and will ultimately become the next Pacsun. Stel's (Newbury) is more grown folk jawns: APC, Nom de Guerre, etc), but sometimes you'll find a piece or two, nice footwear sometimes too. There's another store on Newbury that I randomly walked into that had Ed Hardy and Original Fake in the same rack lolz. If you're lookin for jawnz: Barneys, Alan (Best place when stocked), Riccardi (I get employee discount there), and Stels.

If youre on Newbury, theres a tiny Japanese joint on the other side of the street from Puma that I think is "ok". At least they have takoyaki, if that says anything.

I'll let ya'll kno if I see anything good tomorrow.

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Went the Riccardi today. They're kinda runnin low cuz it's the end of the season but they carry really nice brands. Theres some Julius left. KKA and Attachment left, and some some really nice LUC knits left. Possibly goinf back tomorrow since i Didnt have long to atay there. Everything 30% too!

Julius: basics, drop crotch denim, bout it.

Attachment: nice basics, some puffy vest thing, some other left overs

LUC: a few really nice knits and pants

Dior: stocked with a selection of 19cm and 17.5cm super slenders.

Didn't make it to Alan bilzerian but I will tomorrow and update.

Possible sufu beantown meet tomorrow?

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^fung wah can be nice sometimes going into nyc because they don't go all the way through harlem / manhattan like mega and bolt bus they go through brooklyn which can cut out a lot of traffic... leaving new york it's pretty much all the same. accommodations and ride-wise if you can't throw down for the amtrak i think the bolt bus is the best - really comfortable seats w leg room and outlets / wifi that actually works.

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Was in Boston for a while but no longer. Bodega is the best in the city by far in my opinion, although their netshop is much better than the actual store. There's a definite lack of cool shops in Boston, but you knew that already. I personally liked the closet on newburry a lot. They periodically get in some 45 rpm, visvim and various other japanee brands. They're second hand, so prices are reasonable. Concepts in cambridge also has some ok stuff but pricey.

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^Boston is pretty small, and Beacon Hill is relatively central so most places are within a 20 minute walk. Cambridge is just a short cab / train ride over the bridge. Not too many new stores clothing wise, but some new food places to check out.



Alan Bilzerian - Copley area

Riccardi - Copley

Barneys - Copley

The Closet - Copley (consignment store)

Steven Alan - Copley (pretty tame clothing selection but good periodicals and candles)


Food / Bars:

Toro - South End (tapas - my personal favorite in Boston)

No. 9 Park - Beacon Hill (tasting menu)
Bondir - Cambridge (farm to table / tasting menu... no cocktails just wine)

West Bridge - Cambridge 

Craigie On Main - Cambridge (good ass burger)

Deep Ellum - Allston (small bar, good atmosphere and great drinks)

Lone Star - Allston (taco bar + great drinks, same owners as Deep Ellum and next door)


The south end has some interesting galleries and shops near the water, also in the same area on Sundays is SoWA which has good food trucks and an "outdoor vintage market" but it's mostly just overpriced junk.

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The closet is by far the best in my opinion. There's another consignment store on newbury street I forget the name of that's not bad. Second time around is mostly a miss. There's also a buffalo exchange in allston where you can get lucky sometimes. That's pretty much it in my opinion. Usually quality + great price = not around very long.

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Rescue used to have good stuff for a decent price, but they closed at the beginning of the year and just have random items on ebay. I've had good luck at the Buffalo Exchange - found two pairs of Dior Homme jeans and a Raf sweater over the past year but it's rare.

If you're willing to do some traveling Finer Consigner in Newton has a lot of Rick Owens etc just like The Closet. It's mainly for women but theres some mens / unisex mixed in. Also it doesn't hurt to check out The Garment District (just not around Halloween), I've found some cool vintage pieces and some random APC pieces.

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