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Raw for Women


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those s&s rachels look good as well as FH women's Balder.

any ladies got pictures wearing APC NS? and how did you go about the sizing ?

today i went to try them on at a locale nearby.. normally i'm a size 30 but first i tried them in 28 and couldn't even button up, 29 was a bit more forgivable.

just looking to try raw since i can't stand those stretchy jeans.

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Any advice would be great:

My legs are 36" (can sometimes depending on cut get away with "34) and my waist is 27 (usually wear a 28 for comfort but 26 is also fine) so finding a decent pair of jeans is the bain of my existence.

Denim history:

Had the most amazing pair of womens LVC denim a 1941 model i think? That i bought 3 years ago from DSM, (27W 36L) wore to death and now can be deemed unwearable, (but still do as they're amazing)

Bought a pair of April 77' last year (26W/36") that shrunk to a stupid level but look beautiful after a year worth of wear, but don't like cut, no good for everyday wear....

Have been looking at the Samurai Geisha as i want a comfortable but slim-ish cut as to flatter but not a paint-on look.

Any advice from you denim addicts as to what model/brand would be good, would be great.

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hi there Brian. sling&stones has a list of online stockists here: http://www.slingandstones.com/stockists.html

at the moment, it looks like only revolve is carrying rebecca, with a wash. not sure if/when the other sites will be restocking s&s but this is from the Self Edge updates thread:

hiya kiya, just wondering when will you be restocking the sling and stones?

The next run will be coming in late September...

The new run will be a new indigo japanese stretch denim, with slightly altered fits, and straight yokes.. It's gonna be really good, three fits.. straight, slim, and bootcut.

good luck!

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Just as a note.. Starting immediatly, Self Edge is the only S&S retailer in North America.

We're getting three cuts in raw indigo denim at the beginning of October.

Straight, slim, and boocut..

The yokes on all three will be straight across, like the Mary, not stylized the way they were on earlier models.

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Another bit of news..

Basically the new run of S&S jeans has been altered in design a bit by the Self Edge crew..

The jeans will not have designed (triangle) yokes, they'll have a new improved circular top button (not a square button), and no more gold rivets, they'll be bar tacked at stress points.

I can't wait to get these in... Should be in about four weeks.

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week of sleeping in them? yipes

also evil crayon, your gf's butt looks great in those BUT she should wear them everyday!

I'll try and convince her to wear them everyday but she hasn't been able to wear them lately because she's been on vacation and they're a tad bit uncomfortable since they're still a TINY bit tight. By the way, just want to say props to Self Edge because they helped me buy them for her birthday.

oh and she just laughed at the comments.

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