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playboys are bunk.. green hearts are bomb.

pokeballs ftw.. i give it another month before they get counterfeited

yeah definately

the purple transformer poke balls, golden ladie pokeballs, and internet explorer pokeballs are js too delicious

bunk ones are gonna follow but hopefully not before TAO.

anyone going?

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Anyone go to Hard presents Turkey Soup?

It was on thanksgiving eve.

took a pink dolphin. didnt feel anything for an hour and a half then went outside, smoked a cigarette, and it kicked in full blast from the first puff.

no i went to haunted mansion though. its like the whole event is fucked. bad vibes the whole time. its insane that so many cholos were there. i had a fun time at summer but it seems like its going downhill.

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ugh my day after was weird yesterday... i was fucked up in the morning so i decided to buy a new bong and a fat sack so smoke my pains away but i think i smoked too early... shit got me fucked up again and i was walking like a zombie at the mall... still feel pretty shitty well just my jaw and i can semi taste food again haha.

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So my new years resolution was to stop rolling until october. The irony of it all was I was rolling just before the countdown.


^^^^What E does to your verbal memory. Ever since I started rolling I noticed I mix words around.:(

yeah man ive been noticing that or start to mumble.... not so good when you are trying to holler at a new girl too.

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