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norm people pay around 20 unless they are buying 10+

if you know the right people you should be able to pull 8-12 a piece

Vicks is pretty sweet, try turning it backwards and having someone blow it in your eyes.

Also, RhotoV eyedrops are pretty intense.

I also second the 5HTP pills.

wat!? over here in socal its like 10 max

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double stack yellow thumbs up is the truth!

prices are down to 3-5 here.

norcal is where its at, bring it to socal and slang it back.

last time I picked up 5.. I heard its down to 3 in some cities. I should get a boat.

thizzzzzzz mafia

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Guest doubletap

mmm... rolexes & eurodollars.

good times.

mitsubishis were my favorites.


5HTP gave me some fucked up nightmares, I'd rather deal with the depression.

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Last night I was faded, no e, watching my homie roll for the first time.

Red Glocks.

He looked like a fucking cow kept grinding his teeth.

My other friend has done it twice, both times red glocks, and he said last night was the worst night of his life. for about 2 hours he didnt say one word.

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5HTP gave me some fucked up nightmares, I'd rather deal with the depression.

I've heard about people having this problem too, however there was some confusion as to whether this was caused by the 5HTP being combined with something else (poss valerian extract???).

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Yesterday thizzed.

Had a little piece of a blue spaceman and then popped a whole red buddha.

It was a rollercoaster of a night. I was so happy at times and then I would feel so bad, then back to being happy again.

And it hit in like 15 minutes. WTF? My peak was over like an hour and a half after i popped.

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The other night my friend was driving home from Pennsylvania and rolling hard as shit on G's Up Hoes Down. He was doing about 110 and got pulled over. The cop knew he was completely fucked up and he failed a sobriety test, but he wasnt drunk. They took him to the hospital and gave him a bloodtest...so hes kind of fucked. Ive heard that G's up hoes down contains heroin, cocaine, and MDMA, which are all going to show up on his bloodtests. Also, PA drug laws are strict as shit so he's probably going to see jail time. Sucks for that nigga.


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any tips for a first timer i saw some dude look retarted when he did it once..he couldnt talk, and wanted to fight everyone of course this was in a high school party

do it with people you know.

and have a plan of action.

dont just pop it and sit at home all night.

go do something exciting like a rave or concert or whatever.

and for your first time, it might take longer than expected to hit, cause your brain will try to prevent the trip from happening.

and be safe.

drink water but dont drink too much cause two of the main causes of death from ecstasy is dehydration (not enough water) and hyponatremia (too much water)

haha dont worry, you will be fine.

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green LAX's are wack.

support the buddhas they are always legit.

in my opinion, 5htp pills should NOT be used to boost your roll. i would only use them on your comedown and they really do work. after poppin em, you'll start gaining your appetite back cause low serotonin levels is the cause of the loss of appetite. if you cant sleep, don't smoke weed it will only make it worse trust me... but smoking weed while your rolling is ok and i highly recommend it. sometimes some bud is what you need to get your roll started. try to get a xanax bar from a homie before you roll and pop it on your comedown... you'll get a really good rest.

try to remember to keep your jaw relaxed cause you'll probably be clenching. if you do clench, you wont be able to eat for a couple days cause your jaw will be so sore. eat some tums like an hour before you pop. it will make you clench less.

have a great time, i'm sure you'll be back on here telling us about your best night ever hahah.

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