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Dope Ass French Movies


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I just watched Eyes Without A Face for the second time and I looked up Franju's other films. But, Blood of the Beasts is real slaughterhouse shit and I don't think I could watch that (I skipped the watch-niggas-commit-suicide-with-a-shotty stage of 90's childhood).

Are his other movies worth watching?

notesee recommending Le Samouraï and it was pretty dope.

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i love eyes without a face

had the good fortune of seeing that on the big screen on film

le samourai was great; le circle rouge (or whatever) is just as good, except not quite, but really almost there----a matter of preference, maybe.

there are really too many good french films, care to narrow it down?

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Here is a short list of French films that I love:

The 400 Blows

Hiroshima mon amour

Army of Shadows

Jules et Jim

Cyrano de Bergerac (dir. by Jean-Paul Rapineau and starring Depardieu)

Rules of the Game

Probably also anything by Louis Malle.

But I highly highly highly recommend you see Army of Shadows. It's one of the best things I've ever seen (not that the others listed aren't, but Army of Shadows is particularly visceral). Saw it once at the theater and once at home and I loved it both times.

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This is not really in the vein of what is being discussed so far but has any seen To Be and To Have? It's at my local Blockbuster, I'll probably rent it in the next couple of days as its won some awards I think. Also I've seen Time Out which was decent, not great though.

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You have some good suggestions already. Other French movies I like are le Deuxième Souffle (my favorite movie by Jean Pierre Melville, the guy who made le Samourai and le Cercle Rouge), Rois et Reines (Arnaud Desplechin), Pas de Repos pour les Braves (Alain Guiraudie, my favorite director), Aaltra (similar to Aki Kaurismäki's movies), L'Atalante and Zero de Conduite (Jean Vigo) and, if you like old animation, Le Roi et l'Oiseau (Paul Grimault) and la Planete Sauvage (Rene Laloux).

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"La Haine" is a 'dope ass french movie'. "Kings & Queen" for the epilogue. "The Diving Bell & The Butterfly" if you have the opportunity to catch that on the big screen - the cinematography in that movie was incredible. It has this murky-ocular quality to it.

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