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Dope Ass French Movies


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"le samourai" wasn't too bad. for a film whose main character is an assassin it really lacked action, however stylistically it was an enjoyable film.

I think I had the same expectations as you, especially when reading what a profound influence Le Samourai had on John Woo. Turns out it was more of an aesthetic influence than an action influence--the idea of the ascetic gangster, the honorable (and fashionable) hitman....So I didn't think too lighly of Jean-Pierre Melville after seeing this.

But then I saw Army of Shadows, which is one of the best movies I've ever seen. I now want to work my way through the entirety of Melville's catalog....

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I can't really help you as far as listing french movies I like, that'd be like asking a cinephile to list american movies they like, too many possibilities. You can ask me about directors/genres/yrs and I'll probably be able to offer some relevant suggestions, this is one of my areas of interest.

I also decided to watch a few recent “mainstream†French films (this started with “un secretâ€) and here’s what I already got, if you have any suggestions feel free to ad to the list:

Un secret (watched, conventional but well constructed, another one of thise french WWII/holocaust movies)

Les témoins

Lady Chatterley

Les clefs de bagnole

Ne le dis à personne (pretty good thriller in the vein of american blockbusters)

Le scaphandre et la papillon

L’auberge espagnole (inconsequential but fun, especially if you like Barcelona)

Les poupées russes

Astérix aux jeux olympiques (piece of shit, the only good jokes are by Delon using the titles of the movies he starred in)

Been trying to find torrents for those movies but no dice so far :

Les liens du sang

Le deuxième soufflé (remake)

L’avocat de la terreur

La question humaine

Scènes de crime

L’heure d’été

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^^^ Got rep for François Ozon too.

I really dig Claude Charbol's films and would recommend them. Here are some of my recent favorites in no particular order:

L' Humanité

L' Emploi du temps

L' Homme du train

Confidences trop intimes

I take it you like Patrice Leconte a lot...me too, especially La fille sur le pont (the girl on the bridge), Ridicule and Le mari de la coiffeuse (the hairdresser's husband)

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I caught L' Appartement a few years back and i loved it. Monica Bellucci starring in it is another plus point ;)

More info:


Yeah, this is pretty good, a love story constructed like a thriller.

I recommend the films of Chris Marker, recently watched Alexander's tomb and have loved everything I've seen onf him so far.

My next viewings:

One day in the life of Andrei Arsenevitch

The koumiko mystery

The case of the grinning cat

Statues also die (saw this awhile ago, kinda hazy)

Other very good filmakers you might not have heard of in 25 different threads already: Maurice Pialat, Bertrand Blier, Philippe Garrel (used to bang Nico), Jean Eustache, Alain Corneau, Henri Verneuil, Claude Miller, Arnaud Desplechin, Agnès Jaoui, Tony Gatlif, Jacques Deray, Philippe de Broca, Laurent Cantet

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It wasn't bad but as I said earlier in the thread it's a big blockbuster in the vein of american thrillers.



The plot was 90% clear to me the moment I saw Rochefort's face and learned that his son was dead.


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Ok I just watched Boarding Gate (by Oliver Assayas), my copy has no subs so I didn't get the parts in Cantonese, can anyone clarify who set her up and who helped her? (basically what went on between Kelly Lin and her husband).

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