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  1. beberthur

    Maison Martin Margiela

    they carry a few sz46 sometimes. otherwise, they run true to size.
  2. beberthur

    Maison Martin Margiela

    he's been on so-called "holidays" for several months now, i'm not even sure the artisanal line is still designed by him. imo, he's doing the same thing Helmut Lang and Jil Sander did after their houses were bought by Prada. He just does not fit in the commercial scheme established by the Diesel group.
  3. beberthur

    Maison Martin Margiela

  4. beberthur

    waywt? saved my life

  5. beberthur

    What are you wearing today? (pics only)

    h&m/uniqlo/vintage helmut lang/clarks
  6. beberthur

    Dior Homme FW 09.10 Paris

    but what do you call the "largest consumer base"? Dior Homme has never sold so well, every cool kid has a pair of jeans and sneakers. It's just targeted at younger consumers than before, but it's certainly as successful as before, if not more.
  7. beberthur

    Dior Homme FW 09.10 Paris

    well-born teenagers? so what? it's an industry, and a client is a client. I don't think KVA has much power at Dior.
  8. beberthur

    Dior Homme FW 09.10 Paris

    because his designs sell well, why would LVMH remove him?
  9. beberthur

    The French community.

    a meetup is not a bad idea, anyway (and we can talk in english haha)
  10. beberthur

    Dior Homme FW 09.10 Paris

    lol Dior Homme died after 2004 anyway, when Pete Doherty became some sort of style icon. so shut up, this collection is really not bad (and KVA's smartest so far)
  11. beberthur

    Balmain Homme FW 09.10

    don't laugh. the world needed higher-priced boring DSquared copies.
  12. beberthur

    Balmain Homme FW 09.10

    ahem. dunno what to think about it. the coats look great, as well as the boots.