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College Acceptance Letters

Mr Calvin Oscar

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you is never too asian to lax. I knew/know 2 korean brothers who started in goal for D1 lax. Of course its a small group but asians lax just as well. Japan is actually unreal when it comes to lax and their college teams can hang (and at times beat) D1 lax. Plus asians know flow

haha dunno we shall see. some of my schools are D1 so i guess i can try out atleast.

you play? where at?

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I have a friend who used to work in the WashU admissions office. According to her, if you give them a call and say that you're really interested and blah blah blah, chances are they'll bump you off it. They waitlist a TON of kids, and part of it is because they want to protect their yield.

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and NYU had the coup - New School is having issues with its President, Bob Kerrey, due to the fact that he dismissed a popular provost and is being less than amicable over it with the rest of the faculty. Funnily enough, I met the guy during my tour there in January, seemed like an alright guy (they always do... I'm lookin @ you John Sexton...)

Take Back NYU was so fucking pathetic

seriously try watching this shit without cringing


i got into University of Chicago for a year abroad in 2010/2011

can't wait to get out of england for a year

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accepted to stern and emory. :)

congrats - my cousin went to Emory, loved it. Stern is iffy by me, but my mother's mentor teaches there and she's a wonderful woman.

sending out my last two transfer applications tomorrow or something... Should be hearing back from Emerson by the end of the month.

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Accepted to UW Seattle, UMich, UCSB with regents scholarship, and most recently USC - just waiting on UCLA/B and CMU now.

I got rejected from UCSD, though, so it'll all probably go downhill from here.

i got rejected from sd but ended up getting into l.a. so no big deal. fuck sd. boring ass school anyway.

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