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College Acceptance Letters

Mr Calvin Oscar

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if you do go there, they have a fucking great cafeteria from what i remember (started at upenn, had a friend that went to columbia). was a while ago, i'm getting old as dirt.

columbia's cafeteria is terrible....

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what are the chances if I transfer to BU COMC or NYU Gallatin with hopefully a 3.5 or higher at the end of the year, good grades (B+ or higher (thus far)), 1890 on SATs, and a really fucking good resume? I'm starting to conceive my major as it would be if I got into Gallatin, but COMC is a lot more straight forward. Thoughts?

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i applied as undeclared, so i got into GSP

Quite a rationalization; that's not the reason you got into GSP.

P.S. kiddlers:

NYU is good, but overrated. Get over your dreams of living it super hipster chic while trying to manage four unregulated and self-disciplined courses (unless you're in GSP); everyone else is attempting to do it as well and they all just turn up being all cranky and in-yo-face and shiznit. Oh, and on another hand, if you're a parentally scrutnized Asian (or white kid) that is trying to 1) get out of the closet and 2) find a gay life-long partner that will par up with your everyday materialistic and superficial undergraduate needs, best of luck.

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