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Zig Zag shoes. Info?

Charlie Delta

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dunno if anyone said this yet but revolve carries zig zag now, selling them in the 30's range, still good when compared to other shoe prices in general.

and yes, i sized down a full size on my low grey ones, (im a size 9 and went with the 8). i found it wasn't so much the length that needed to size down but the width of the shoe will stretch like nobody's business. that's what you gotta take into account, stretching of the ankle part and sides of shoe.

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sizing runs kinda weird.. i wear 9 usually and i have two pairs in 8 and one in 7.5

qft. I've had at least five pairs of these ranging from size 7-8.5. I'm an 8 true to size and both 8 and 7.5 fit well. $15 a pair at my local surplus. yeee boii. The newer stuff seems to be better quality for some reason

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yo, when did these suede ones start popping up?

i know you can buy them here:


but there MUST be a cheaper source, as they are inherently cheap shoes for vatos

i used to skate the canvas pairs , but they'd get fucked up really quick :(

these suede joints would be awesome

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i usually cop my canvas ones @ http://www.doughboyssurplus.com/Contact-Doughboys.asp. doesn't look like they put it up online, maybe they don't even carry them anymore. store to the right of it (first united shoe) also carries them, but a little more expensive i think.

I go to this place, too. They have them the last time I went, maybe a month or two ago but sizes and stock aren't that good. The store next to them carries shoes that are like them but are actually a different brand. They don't look as good too compared to the zigzags.

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I might check out that store in Bellflower, I do live pretty close.

On a side note, I got some deck zigzags from ebay a couple months ago and I definitely recommending sizing 1 down like converse. My size 10 were way too big for me, so a size 9 would've been perfect.

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