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Zig Zag shoes. Info?

Charlie Delta

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Saw these on a supermarket thread, but don't fit this specific pair.

Curious if anyone could give me some more info on them, as the seller didn't respond to my question in the thread.


Never heard of them before, and they look like perfect cheap summer beat up shoes...

Some cheap US brand that I as a European have no reason to know?

A quick google search yielded no results as "zig zag" came up with lots of stuff about stitching...

Any info?

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SLB in Los Angeles has been my go to place for these. Very comfortable shoes, the soles stand up to lots of wear, the upper, although very soft and comfy, does tend to feel flimsy after a while. They have black, blue, khaki, and brown in laceup versions. Black midtop chukka, also slipon versions too. Theyre about 15-16 bucks.



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The Black-on-Black mid tops can be found at Mollusk Surf Shop in Venice. I don't know the extent of their supply, but I do know they've had them there for months.

1600 Pacific Avenue

Venice Beach, CA


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I kinda want/need those blue ones to wear with khakis.

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Someone picked them up for me in LA (not disclosing his name right now to prevent him from getting swamped with requests, he can post in here himself if he wants), I also remember someone offering a proxy service for these in the market a while back...

I walked around in the chukkas all day yesterday and they were very comfortable, very soft, not much support, a bit like slippers/house shoes.

I sized them like my vans, I was advised that the lows ar like authentics (no padding) so went half a size down, I feel that this probably wasn't neccesary.

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