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Zig Zag shoes. Info?

Charlie Delta

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so they are one true size larger than tagged? can anyone vouch for that?

Yo. I have the lows in that blue color in 10.5 I'm a 10.5 true to size in vans, adidas, 10chucks, 43 ndc, 44 opening ceremony laceups, 10.5 sperry, etc... I have a bit of room if i wanted to do a size 10 in the zigzags but i probably wouldn't trade down.

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i have a blue pair and a brown pair. yes i would suggest sizing down ONE because the stretching on these are unbelievable. i sized down to 9.5 from a 10.5 (my usual vans size). do not worry at all about them being too small for your feet.

...also if you wear them without socks like i do they start to stank bad.

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Oh by the way, I was fucked over by that papichulos place. I ordered some shoes from them sometime in July, a week or so later I got a request through on paypal saying I needed to pay a load extra for postage, which I paid. I never received the shoes though, and after emailing them many times and getting no response I gave up. :/

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Shipping rate for US: $6.00

Shipping rate for Canada: $30.00

jesus christ...I'm not paying 50% more than the shoes just for shipping

I don't get why the fuck some places charge so much for shipping to Canada. The actual cost for something like a pair of shoes is like a dollar more than domestic USA shipping when using USPS.

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what up peasants... if you are in the orange county area, check out

Army-Navy Store

131 S Glassell St

Orange, CA 92866-1474

(714) 639-7910‎

Low-top colors: grey, tan, brown, blue, black if i recall correctly

also, Black Hi's

just copped a black pair, only $17 for either low or hi model, which beats SLB's prices, or any online shop (with the shipping prices)

about sizing: definately size down, to half a size to a full size, depending on how wide your feet are. i have narrow feet and had to go down a full size (think converse chucks sizing... i am 8 in cons and 9 in vans)... and they do stretch slightly after wear.

if anyone can drop knowledge on where 2 kop for less (LA flea markets..?) that would be appreciated :)

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bringing back from the dead to see if anybody knows where to find the chukkas in LA. thanks

Last time i checked, California Surplus Mart on Santa Monica Blvd had them. Call them.

Maybe also call the SLB23 store on Fairfax.

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