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Worst recent purchases


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haha i knew somebody would say that exactly

go buy some visvims, they are more hyped up and have a steadier fan base.

we all know what this means though, you can expect 15 different fits(or should i say different photos?) over the next 3 weeks with this guy wearing the same shoes.

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minus the camera and bisons.

The guy failed on the camera. The 450D has just been released.

As for JCMstyles. No one and I mean no one can take this guy seriously.


- Juicy Couture hooded fur black coat [not pictured]

- Juicy Couture sweater

- Armani Collezioni sweater [underneath]

- Tiffany & Co. Sterling Silver bracelet

- Emporio Armani watch [not even noticable..]

- Black Gucci belt

- Dior Homme 17.5cm jeans

- High top white C.Rec's [not pictured]

Remember the face and the pout.

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you're asian? more like azn. your synthesized bloodline may contain dilluded asian dna, but you're no better than that of a white bro getting kanji or japanese tatoos. you ain't even fuckin jap or chinese....

it's obvious you've got a mother-complex as well, momma's boy. how is cecila anyway? tell her to send me some balut, cause i wanna egg a vegan's car.

it's a good thing your ancestors took the banana boat to america, cause in certain places your mud-blood would get killed for sporting this kind of shit.

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Grave digging for another bash at me? Lol.

You're a short chubby legged douchebag that can't dress, and you're constantly talking shit. HAHA, give up already.

I'm not even mad or anything, this is just the internet.

But, just ONCE I'd like to see you say some of the shit you say to my face.

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