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The first day the framboise was on sale was great. Russian River's method here was brilliant. Only 238 cases, but they're doing 17 a day for 2 weeks with the 2 bottle limit; this totally killed the crowds. Walked in fifteen minutes after opening, found a bar seat, got my bottles, and had the simul-released Damnation 23 on tap.


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^Very nice B-Dawg. How different is the 23 than the regular Damnation?

Also, I just scored a 4th bottle of CBS off the shelves :) Pretty happy with my take after talking to so many people who couldn't even manage to get 1.

It's pretty different. At over 10%, it's got more body and sweetness (as you would expect from a tripel vs. a Belgian strong pale), less hops come through, and the oak provides soft vanilla and some tannic balance to the sweetness. I think it comes off a bit more estery as well.

As an aside, in the unlikely event you're able to acquire more CBS than you care to own I'd be interested in proxy or trade :)

bdawg I agree that it helped kill the line. I might be up there this weekend for it. mini SuFu meet?

I'm down, Ren. I'm working on Saturday (at an awesome Oakland beer bar called Beer Revolution, stop by if you're in the area!), but I'm thinking about heading back up to RR on Sunday.

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Couple of recent trades, including one with Shufon

2010 Big Sky Ivan

2008 FFF Behemoth

2009 FFF Dark Lord

2010 GL BA Blackout Stout

2011 Hunahpu

2011 Ithaca Brute

2011 Cisco woods

2011 GI Madame Rose

2009 GI BCBS

2002 and 2011 Westy 12

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I would totally love to take you up on it but I'll have to be back in the bay by then. I'll hit you up before I'm there though. I don't have any exact plans other than drinking at breweries and beer bars that Sunday and Monday.

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Anyone else able to secure a bottle of the upland sour reserve?

A couple friends and I were able to each snag one each. I'm just wondering who'll open their and what they'll trade for.

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Got a 5th CBS tonight, *might* score a 6th one tomorrow morning. Just opened up a bottle, this is from my tumblr:


Really though, this beer is delicious. The mouthfeel is the best part to me, incredibly thick and creamy. Coffee is very prominent up front with a really biting espresso bitterness. Aftertaste is all dark chocolate with a little bit of sugary maple syrup that lingers. Throughout all of it is a nice warm bourbon overtone. Can’t wait till this thing warms up as I heard it only gets better.

Not sure if any beer could ever live up to the insanity that this thing has caused, but it's pretty damn good.

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