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state your beer, drinkers


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haven't been drinkin much beer lately, low carb diet for the weight loss win


$4 Berkshire Brewing Franklin Land Trust Preservation Ale

hoppy, tasty, and only 1 review on BeerAdvocate - portion of profits go to preserving my new home base, Western Massachusetts

at my girl's college Mt. Holyoke, excuse the Lubriderm lotion LOL

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Was hanging out with assistant brewmaster of Sierra Nevada for a couple of hours tonight and had no idea. Very cool guy. Apparently I was at an event for beer industry professionals but I didn't know for most of the time I was there. Drank a lot of Hill Farmstead Amarillo with him while talking beer :o

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Going back to Volo tonight. They've got a "Tap Takeover" tonight, working with 16 different local brewers to make 16 different nanobrews. Gonna try 'em all. PSYCHED.

House Ales Shicki Micki (Raspberry Berliner Weiss)

House Ales X Erica Graholm Dampfbier (Dampfbier)

House Ales 7th Day Saison – Batch 2 (Farmhouse Saison)

House Ales 10th Day Saison (Farmhouse Saison with Brett.)

House Ales X Hip Hops Gangsters Para-Weiss (Saison Brewed with Grains of Paradise)

House Ales Jen’s Uncommom – Hybrid – (Common/Pale Ale)

House Ales Matt’s Marathon Mild 2012 (English Mild)

House Ales X Hip-Hops Notorious IPA – Batch 2 – (American IPA)

House Ales Westside 213 – Batch 3 – (American IPA with Brett.)

House Ales Abby Normal (Belgian Strong Ale)

House Ales Funkified Abbey Normal (Belgian Strong Ale with Lactobacilious)

House Ales X Bartle X ARoach Gold Dust (Porter)

House Ales X Hip-Hops Tu–Hop – Batch 5 - Magnum / Galaxy (American Pale Ale)

House Ales X Hip-Hops Rockaway Rye – Batch 2 (Rye Ale)

House Ales X Bellwoods Brewery Abbey Not (Belgian Dubbel IPA)

House Ales Swag Out Stout (Imperial Russian Stout)

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Going to Russian River tuesday afternoon, any Sufu beer-dorks going to be around?

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had four. the swagged out stout was good. also tried a smoke lager from Trois Mosquitieres, which was overwhelming. definitely couldn't drink 750 ml between two of us.

had an Oude Deuze too. Crazy good. Should've probably drank l;ess before the tap takeover thing. hindsight, 20/20 etc

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^ y u no go on weekend so i can come

Next time for sure, i'm going to Healdsburg this morning for (wine) harvest. Staying till tuesday and hitting RR on the way back down.

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Well, a couple of guys couldn't come to the Darkness vertical tasting and the host really wanted them to be there, so we pushed it back to a later date. We drank a random assortment of bottles instead including a Veritas 008, which was much better than I expected from the reputation.

edit: Also, Bells Batch 7000 is really overrated. It has tons of A+ and A reviews recently but after Iron Fist Velvet Glove (this brewery has really surprised me) and Jester King Black Metal, I could barely get through the Batch 7000. It was way too syrupy and burnt at the same time.



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