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state your beer, drinkers


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the dihos was actually good as well. if that was the one I drank. I've been waiting on some of the crooked stave wild ales but I don't get any movement from offering on my side.

youkinorn and I split a bottle of Dihos.. it was decent, too vinegary for me after a while though. Let me know how the Crooked Stave beers are, I'm curious about the guava one he did.

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A guy just offered me two '11 Olde Rabbit's Foot, '11 BA Sexual Chocolate, and fodder (he didn't give details) for one bottle of Hill Farmstead E. It's a really good offer but I'm leaning toward turning it down-- I feel like a Hill Farmstead bottle with a bottle count of 180 and all good reviews will be able to pull a lot more given time. Do you guys think I'm expecting too much from it or would it be reasonable to turn those beers down?

edit: update-- final trade.. 2 ORF '11, BASC '11, Northern VA locals + he is throwing in FFF Jinx Proof and O'Fallon Barrel Aged Smoke + one unknown extra that he said I would really enjoy just for me sending his friend a bottle of E. Most generous trader I've dealt with.

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That's a really good trade for you, at least volume-wise because those beers he offered you can be aged and drank in time, but the window for a bottled DIPA is so short.

Beerporn from recent trades and my Midwest road trip with the little bro and pops:








New I need to buy a new shelf in my cellar...

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Just regular 2TD, I really enjoyed it when I had it a couple years ago, and it was an extra, the trade was primarly for MoaS and Pisgah Vortex II.

I do want some brute and I think you have some Juliet for me too. Idk if you'll still be in NYC during the weekend October 1st, but I'll be there visiting some friends, so we can do an IP trade if you want.


idk where you are located, but that has a big impact on what beers that we can recommend for you.

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^Will definitely be here, just give me a heads up before you come so we can work out a trade. Also, it's Madame Rose, not Juliet, but all three of them are still easy to find here so if you need Juliet let me know and I can hold onto it for you.

Are they really that easy to find? Have there been more bottles in the recent releases?

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Only one release this year, but the main beer store I go to still has probably ~2 cases of each on the shelves. Wouldn't doubt they have more in the back.

edit: going down there on Wednesday probably to pick up some Founders Breakfast Stout now that it's out. I'll check out their current stock of the three sisters and let you know what to expect.

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I had a belgian sour yesterday that was bizarrely delicious. Super carbonated, almost closer to a carbonated cider than to beer. The name eluides me, but it was fucking on point.

After that I tried a house ale that they'd been working on called "Gangsters Paraweiss" (lol), which is a "Saison Brewed w/ Grains of Paradise". Much flatter, less fruity/more sour. Delicious.

Really dug both of them. They did a night called "Live for the Funk" a while ago, where they played funk music and replaced all their taps with sour ontario microbrews. I missed it, but apparently it went really well so maybe they'll be doing it again soon.

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I'm not looking forward to the crowd, but I'm pretty pumped about it. Spuyten is having Zwanze 2010 in bottles as well as the 2011 on tap. More excited about the 10 than I am the 11 honestly.

edit: just found an official list.. this looks pretty sick :)

On Tap:

1. Cantillon Zwanze 2011 (NOT TAPPED UNTIL 3pm)

2. Cantillon Kriek

3. Cantillon Rose de Gambrinus

4. Tilquain a L'Ancienne Oude Gueuze

5. Allagash/New Belgium Vrienden

6. De La Senne Taras Boulba

In Cask:

Hanssens Oude Kriek (In Firkin!)

In Bottle:

Cantillon Zwanze 2010

Tilquain a L'Ancienne Oude Gueuze

De Oude Cam Oude Lambick

Hanssens Experimental Raspberry, Cassis and Scarenbecca

Cascade Kriek

Avery Brabant and Depuceleuse

Two Brothers Askew

Victory Wild Devil 2008

Lover Beer Beer Bera

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I have the 2010 on Draft and from the bottle before--not impressed. It's a witbier base that's funkified, but it doesn't have the complexity of the other Cantillons.

I've had a 10 year old Hanssens Oude Gueuze on cask before and I didn't like that much either. I thought it was just straight vinegar

The other Cantillon beers on tap will be stunning, I'm sure and Z2011 should be great too

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That sucks ren. And Mike, you have me bummed out about the 10 now, but we'll see, definitely going to buy a bottle to at least try it. Also, I heard similar things about the Hanssens.. people saying it is completely undrinkable.

Regardless, it'll be a good time :)

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