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state your beer, drinkers


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do you have access to cans concealed?

I live in Hartford, CT now, so about 3 hours south of the brewery, definitely going to make a trip up there eventually, totally want to support those Alchemist guys during their tough times.

RE: Surly Five. That beer is so fucking good, my favorite beer at the last Beer Advocate Fest I was at.

Have been drinking less beer lately, nothing too noteworthy, following the paleo diet, which calls for a lot less carb intake, but I have been getting my red wine on :)

wrote a quick article on Portland, Maine's Beer Scene, feel free to check it out and spread it around if you are planning on going there, thanks.


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The Chicago BA crew flew out for Toronado's 24th anniversary party, so we had a filthy ridiculous tasting the night before:


L->R across the arc: Alexander Rodenbach, Barrel Aged PBR, 1994 Cantillon Gueuze, Cigar City Jose Marti porter on french oak, Alesmith barrel aged Decadence, 2011 Utopias, 2010 Dark Lord, 100% barrel aged Coton, Stranahan whiskey barrel aged milk porter, brandy barrel Eclipse, Churchill's Finest Hour 2011, 1988 Eylenbosch Faro, 2001 and 2002 Lop Pepe Framboise, 1999 Lou Pepe Gueuze, Hill Farmstead barrel aged smoked porter, apple brandy Smoke from the Oak, Port Le Woody Brune, 2009 and 2010 Fou Foune, (Hand bottle from a privately owned keg of Veritas 004 and Armand Spirit in the back). Front Row: Cantillon Zwanze 2008 and Branantiae(!!!1!1), Brabantse Trotse geuze blended for an Ebeneezer's beer dinner, brandy barrel Dark Lord, vanilla bean brandy barrel Dark Lord, Dark Lord De Muerte, Pappy Van Winkle barrel aged Dark Lord, apple brandy barrel aged Hunahpu's

Sexy Dark Lords


Makin it rain at Toronado: some combination of Marron Acidifie, Foeder no. 3 (hand selected by the owner Dave from the sour project area of New Belgium), Toronado 20th Anniversary, 2010 Cable Car, 2008 Consecration


had to quote for epicness

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Few things from the past week


2011 Brute


Double dry hopped Ruination (Citra and Centennial)


Racer 5 and Ommegang Aphrodite


Kuhnhenn American Barleywine (and Contra :D)


Ithaca 13 and De Proef Monstre Rouge


Greenport Canard Noir on cask (sour porter on cask dry hopped with Cascade.. was interesting to say the least)

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Yeah I passed on the whiskey as well. The liquor building was our last stop after the beer and wine so all I remember is the vodka flight, which was awesome. Everything after that (they gave us a free tasting of everything else) is pretty blurry, although I'm sure it was tasty, haha.

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