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shit you hate


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Saw some old guy who got his car stuck in the snow today parked on campus so I started to try and help push him out. No one else was around so I asked the only other guy around for a little help.

It wasn't going anywhere so we stopped for a second and as I'm asking the man if he's got anything in his car I can use to dig around his wheels the shit weasel I asked to help just walked away slowly/awkwardly.

I didn't say anything to him and I got the dudes car out myself but that shit pissed me off. Sure he didn't have to help but I still think he's a jackass.

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Some fucker in SF keeps passing toll booths without paying and I keep getting his tickets, while i'm in los angeles. We have virtually the same license plates, except switching an "e" for "f"(looks the same if you had supercaps on). He drives an audi, I drive a mazada. I have to pay for one of his tickets so I can renew my car registration, then contest it to get my money back.

Now I have to pay 15 bucks to get a customized plate because i'm tired of getting his tickets. What should I get?

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people whoi tie sweaters around their necks.


Can I ask you something? These sunglasses: they're really nice. Are they like government issue, or do you guys all go to the same store together?

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