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  1. Superawkward

    spotted this korny asian guy with a huge rilakkuma plush hanging off his pants and took a pic posted it on ig ...I find out that he and his gf actually follow me after they both commented oops
  2. Tell me something Good

    I switched from architecture to industrial design this year and absolutely no regrets. school feels very fulfilling. enjoying everything I am doing and finally feeling like I have a solid grasp on my future. positive vibes to all : )
  3. Miscellaneous Musings (Limited Edition)

    kpop appreciation group at school
  4. WAYWT destroyed my life (2013)

  5. as invincible said, Cal's program is quite old and well-known. don't really know what you're implying, as it is a solid program imo. standards vary from professor to professor, school to school, company to company. design is subjective so it's something you're going to have to deal with. switch out while you can. you are clearly dissatisfied. architecture is truly a labor of love; all the hours you're going to put into it will only feel worthwhile if you're passionate about it. if you apply that same amount of work you've been doing in arch + the drive of what you really want to do, it'll all work out. it's never too late.
  6. Cambodia and Vietnam

    Day time in Saigon is reserved for leisure as it is generally horribly humid around July and August. Most people stay indoors and take naps, read books, swim etc. But if you really don't care about the humidity and the heat, you can explore shops, markets and tourist attractions. The usual tourist attractions are Nha Tho Duc Ba Saigon (French built cathedral), Saigon Opera House, City Hall, etc. But the last two are quite beautiful at night as well. Definitely try to go twice if you can! There's alsoGiac Lam Temple, War Museum, and the Reunification Palace. I personally would avoid amusement parks like Dam Sen and such because they're a bit depressing. The city is much more alive at night though. It's a whole different experience. A lot more people are out and so many lights are on. Try going to the Financial Tower and see the whole city from above, or cross one of many bridges to see a nice skyline of the city. All the malls like Vincom Center, Diamond, etc are very clean, tourist friendly, but pretty standard and boring imo. Out of all the districts, District 1 is the most "Western"; it's usually where most tourists reside. Cho Ben Thanh is usually a recommended tourist attraction but I would go here only to look. Most of the stuff is way overpriced. If you do decide to purchase anything, you can definitely haggle. In terms of food, there's lots of good food in the center of the market. Cho Vuong Chui on Nguyen Dinh Chieu is the market I typically go to when I'm visiting; it's definitely more locals around here and you won't see many tourists in this area. They have lots of fresh fruits such as jackfruit, rambutan, longan and lychee. There's also a great che place inside. & please, for your own protection, always keep your phones in your pocket and your cameras properly secured when wandering the streets or the markets. There are plenty of brave pickpockets and thieves who will cut the straps off your camera and run off, or swipe your phones out of your hand. The police won't help you much as it is a very common occurrence in Saigon. Don't drink iced tea, water or ice either!!! I could definitely recommend places to eat but they're usually outside of the tourist area and lots of dirt and grime haha. Plenty of food other than pho. Pho in Vietnam is actually different than what most people are used to; since they make their noodles fresh, it is a lot softer than the ones we typically eat in the US.
  7. Recent Purchases 2013

    and some beaters
  8. Architecture

    seconding this. you'll doubt yourself often but it's up to you if you're passionate enough about it to stick with it. expect no sleep, lots of complaining, overkill on caffeine, and cramped studios.
  9. usa :: san francisco :: general

    The MoMA gives student discounts so bring ID's along!