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The Evolution of Jeans: Pictures, Scones and Tea

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its amusing to see people debating over whether its befitting to wash something thats filthy. a quality dye job should enable you to wash whenever needed its that simple. no, really . its also interesting at how we as denim heads view fading, since some people like the jeans that look as beat as possible, yet some like the most contrasty fades. some will swear that ryu's "grail'' eternals are the pinnacle of denim, yet others prefer cheeps contest jeans, or mr.3001's flatheads( i think 386's are the best ive seen in a long time, but i am of the "more beat=more beautiful" persuasion.) so, as we all can admit, its all subjective, and beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. most of the jeans posted this month are nice, so no need for beef. if you look in the denim master mag, the one constant is that the cats wore the jeans consistently, for extended periods of time. as mr. krabs would say" thats the secret formular", not some shit out of a nudie booklet full of disinformation, and airbrushed photos. i wonder how many people want to take their jeans back to the store for a refund after 6 mos. 'cause their jeans dont look like the booklet. gimme a break like nell carter...

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Thanks man. I'm excited to see how these turn out at the end of the summer. I beat em' up pretty badly every day at work, and will have to wash pretty frequently. I will be interested to see how well this denim retains the indigo..

V3's are pretty damn stubborn in my experience... mine are still darker than my 12 month younger Sugarcanes.

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You've seen these already a month ago, but I decided to wash them so here they are before:



And after.



I preferred them before the wash, so I'm gonna pound on them for another few months to get that filthiness back.

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