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The Evolution of Jeans: Pictures, Scones and Tea

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i'm a new poster, i am the owner of a pair of Iron Army jeans (the Iros if I remember) and a pair of Nudies Dry Black Slim Jims. Just wanted to see what's good and post some pics of the Nudies. They have about 3 months of wear on them, the honeycombs are awesome. Wondering when I should wash them...it seems like most of the people around here say wait 6 months but I'm itching to get some fade out of these guys (if that's even possible). Then again I don't want to ruin the honeycombs or the soon to be here whiskers.

here's the pics:




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i understand why those are great, i really do. they're really appreciated among all the "ive had my jeans for 2 months + rep please" posts,

but i feel like tehres something missing. they're just too characteristic of what the ideal denim fade should be.

does that make any sense?

either way, they're awesome.

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cheep i want to know your exact washing schedule and everything you did in your s0500s cause iwant mine to look just like yours. lol

wear hard, wash often. if there is anyone in the contest i think my jeans look like it's cheaps, although his are a bit more contrasted in the whiskers. And it's because we both have washed countless times, but also wear them really hard.

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those are looking really good. Fade looks great, i love how SDA's can take 16 months of wear and have no holes or blowouts.

Yeah, SDA's really are some of the best jeans out there. Great fade, great quality, great price. I really need to wear my 103's more often.

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