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help me decide for my collection!


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Edmond - Ive just scoured loads of results but cant find your post in the denim collexions thread.

Jeans you should think about getting,

get both eternals - I have the 868s, they are 'mazin' bro, however I still ache for some uberdark 811s as a project, people seem to love the fit on em too.

Get some left hand twill, I dont have any, but have noticed it's a gaping void in my collection.

Do you own any of Canes satokibis???? Seriously, perhaps the best value jeans outthere, the details are opulent as shit too, specialist natural indigo strains dyes, lined back pockets, gorgeous stuff, id like to own all four but have settled for the odd one of the bunch ( edo ai ).

I think you should get the 660s, its killed me looking at the contest sams, itll kill you in a year or so if you dont, pshit, id suck a golf ball through a hose pipe for some s0500xx's. Just get yourself some now.

I NEED my 4 pairs of £100+ jeans!!!!! Seriously the other day moving back home my parents picked up all my clothes to take em back. For the whole day of packing up crap I was in my cords, I was fine for most of it. However, about half an hour after I said bye to my parents ( carrying all my luggage ), I felt kinda strange, I made tea but really didnt have any appetite, by late that evening I had an awful temp. I went to my gp the following morning, I was pretty bad, taking the bus damn near killed me. So I see the gp, he does his usual shit, then tells me I have a high temp, heart palpitations, and a rash on my legs and hands. I said I new all that except for the palpitations but that I just wanted to be better, he asked me if I handle japanese denim on a regular basis, I said "yeah"... ( usually this would prompt an animated conversation, however at this point I was really to ill to listen. ) he then went on to say its quite common, and that the only way to get better would be to return to wherever my denim collection is. He said if I want to lead a normal level of life away from denim I need to gradually cut my collection down to only 1 pair, then withdrawal symptoms would be only just noticable. As he held the door open he joked that I should just 'stick to italian denim' at my age, cheeky git. He muttered something about cordoven shoes or something too, but I didnt pay attention.

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hey thanks viv ! hahaha your funny

yeah was thinking of those 660's too

yeah ill get both the eternals

hhmmm.. but those sda130xx are tempting me

and emaile dtake5 they hve those duckdigger denim on 501 cuts too.. jesus christ.. have to take extra luggage

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A tall man with two suitcases and no trousers shuffles through a corridor towards a stewardess.

Edmond - "hi, flight 1124?"

Stewardess - "yes, thats right, uh, ahem......Sir im not sure if its appropriate to board a plane without trousers of some sort, are those your underwear?!?!?"

E - "...errrrr....oh,, yeah, but y'see, I need to buy all my jeans when I get out there"

S - "what? Im sorry sir..."

E - "no, you dont understand, I can only get some of these brands in japan, and I want to try them on rather than go proxy, if I was to wear my jeans now I dont know if I could bring all the jeans id like back home, when I return"

S - "Sir, im sure you have your reasons but you're not "going proxy", as you put it, on a family airline!"

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and guys rememeber ill get 20% discount on these..

Are you saying you'll do pick ups and pass the savings down to sufuers?

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this really needed a thread?? anyway did you get the 660 contest jean? if so you don't need those. for the rest I would say eternal 872, sda 103xx, sc4041, denime 66 xxtype, and lastly...eternal 811.

can't go wrong with the eternals. anyways have fun on your denim crack fiend shopping spree!!!

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I say get something you can't get in America @ BiG or SE.

He's not from around here.

fuck jeans, go to macau and get a high class whore!

And the Philippines already has chinita-looking pros.

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indigo junkie. i use to be one,it took a good year to recover ..still making stride..

Named so because I only wear blue jeans (no black denim, but don't count overdyes out... yet. I'm still waiting for the IH re-release of the 634S-B), not so much the number of jeans that I own.

I think this thread is more about that fact that Edmond wants to buy 5 pairs of jeans in one go rather than what 5 jeans he wants to buy (which I agree should have gone in the This or That thread). I think Kiya mentioned something in the sexiho thread about how NO ONE buys four pairs of raws in one go except for that one time who he later found out was a rep for Levis.

Personally, I think, if Edmond's got the money, he should just fork out and get all seven jeans (kick the SDA103 if you can get the XX version). I mean, when's the next time he's going to be up in HK? And the shipping cost he's saving (+20% discount) against if he had ordered all of them seperately online, would be worth the price of two extra jeans easy.

Considering how many jeans he's purchased in the last year, I don't doubt he's going to get all of the jeans on the list in the first post eventually, might as well get it now while he can still try them on.

And for the people who state that having more than two pairs of raws defeats the purpose of raws, I think buying $200+ denim defeats the purpose of what jeans are supposed to be. Workwear. If all of us were to buy jeans for their intended purpose, we'd all be wearing STFs. Wearing in jeans is fun and you get a nice (sometimes) end product. Not everyone collects vintage cars to drive them to work. Not everyone collects vintage motorcycles to ride on a racetrack. They get left in the garage, babied over and ridden once a year when the weather is perfect. IMO, I don't think its wrong to think of jeans in the same way as well. But that's me. :)

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Indigo Junkie, I think collecting denim is a little different to collecting vintage cars - because unlike a lot of things, denim gets better the more you use it. I doubt the same can be said about most things people collect.

You mean my Hummels are worthless in the longrun???

have fun jean shopping edmond, its your loot blow it wisely!

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