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While we're at it. I also hate honkys. Alright not all. Just the ones in the bush administration and the ones that shop at pottery barn. Ohhhhh i hate that place!!!!!!!

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While we're at it. I also hate honkys. Alright not all. Just the ones in the bush administration and the ones that shop at pottery barn. Ohhhhh i hate that place!!!!!!!

--- Original message by rnrswitch on Dec 19, 2005 09:25 PM

If you hate White Republicans, then why are you living in SLO? That's about all there is there.

I forget to add Sketchers. Not exactly controvercial--pretty much universally hated.

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1. Hanes(fat people shit)

2. Fox (white trash crap)

3. ReeBok

4. Puma (USED to make cool shit, only makes eurotrash now)

5. Diesel

6. Express (Basically for people who don't know anybetter, but don't want to look fat)

7. Hurley (official brand of skate poseurs, OWNED BY NIKE!!!)

8. Le Tigre (Someone mentioned Lacoste, All this company does is copy them, but make their stuff shittier, and uglier, and sell it cheaper)

9. Quiksilver and Billabong (come on, they sell it at pacific sunwear)

10. Ben Sherman (LATELY, they've been making the ugliest shit ever, absolutely absurd, but as recently as 2 years ago i was a major fan)

And any company that abandons promises to make their shit domestically. Doc Martens, Converse(not their fault though, went out of business, and were bought by Nike), Levis (I don't even think LVC is made here anymore)

I should mention I hate the brands, not necissarily the people who wear them, i mean people should be allowed to not give a shit.

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Abercombie & Fitch


American Eagle

All these companies suck, and their clothing is fucking hideous

Almost everyone that attends my college wears their shit or some other bullshit by Ecko, G-Unit and other bullshit celebrity crap

The kid with the most knoweldge

Will touch and attain top dollas

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Hate to say it. DCTMFC is right again. Stussy started this whole London/NYC/Tokyo street situation. A lot of stuff goes back to Stussy and the stuff coming out in the US and Japan these days is NICE. check the latest goretex jackets with mad lining and some of the old school prints back in new ways on tees. Almost every sneaker Stussy has done with Nike has been an instant classic. Stussy can colaborate with any other brand it wants to (except adidas because of their policy on brands that have worked with Nike before.) because its the father of all this shit.

Brands I hate? Too many to list and a lot have already been listed but lets start with:




recent A Bathing Ape


Rapper brands

Royal Elastics



All boot cut jeans `modern cut` brands

Adidas clothing and shoes

Agree with another poster on new puma `driving shoes` or whatever

Ben Sherman


APC (mostly just coz its French)

Von Dutch







Be Advised: Morgan Nixon AKA Moman631 AKA Moman6040 is a fraud.

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MilSpex must walk around in a fig leaf. j/k

I think most of the worst offenders have already been called out; True Religion, Diesel, and Ben Sherman over the past couple of years (what the fuck happened?) and all the millions of "emo" myspace designers that fail at trying to copy what Rob Dobi does. I love Puma, but 90% of their new designs are absurd and awful.

It's an easy target, but I'll add Dickie's "designer" line or whatever the fuck they're cashing in on on this list. Their work pants and shirts fit for crap, but they were sturdy workwear. I don't understand their foray into rockabilly/"punk" clothes, guitar gigbags and the like. Apparently idiots are buying it tho...

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rock n republic

chip and pepper


urban renewal or anything have to do with urban outfitter



monarchy, oh man, they are so fucking hedious, so bad.


five four

american eagle

rapper brand, or anything subject them self to urban

paper denim

ed hardy, not the tatoo guy, but the dude who brought it out

Christian Audigier, that line is fucking lame


citizen of humanity

one life to live

2 b free


william rast

harajuku lover,




people's liberation

oh man, too much to list

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i actually like some of the shoes but i hate the company. i vote with what brands i buy and where i shop. i will never wear nikes until they start paying a a fair working wage. im no hippie but nike are greedy greedy whores. and stay the fuck away from skateboarding assholes.

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ok... first, in my experience, nike actually makes a superior skate shoe. ive tried alot of skate shoes in the past 12 years and nike comes out on top. i didnt want them too, i was looking to hate them even more once i saw they were getting into the skate market, but they put together a solid team and put out some great(but mad ugly) skate shoes. yes, thier labor practices are shit, but what skate shoes are made in a first world country with high labor standards?

now brands id like to see burn in hell....

A&F- they make it too easy for everyone to look like a douchebag

g-unit- making money by glorifying violence? fuck that.

kenneth cole- see A&F above

gap/oldnavy- they want us to all look the same.

puma- shits just ugly... except for clydes which were played out in 94

zoo york- shit since ecko took over... and what they did to clyde is unacceptable

dupont- polyester is the worst thing to happen to clothing since adam and eve came out of ethiopia all those years ago.

hilfiger- i guess its just a grudge ive been holding since the 90s... always thought thier shit was garbage. too much red whit and blue.

volcom- shit

element- turned into a garbage mall brand... anyone remember when it was underworld element? andy stone and pepe martenez, that was the shit.

osiris- ugliest skate shoes ever. period.

denim is the new crack

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i will continue to hate on nike.

most companies use cheap overseas labor but nike is in a class all its own. they literally have blood on their hands.

there are documented cases of workers who have gone missing or met with violence after trying to form labor unions in overseas factories. it was only after extreme pressure from consumer groups (and amnesty international!) that they have started to clean up their labor practices.

you can keep your limited ed. colorway bling/junk thank you.

and i will also hate any company that uses money and influence to infiltrate an industry (skateboarding) that they did not support when it was unprofitable. props to p-rod and crooked chet for getting paid but i would rather spend my money on vans (yes i know they make shoes in chinese factories). but unlike nike they have been down for skaters since 1752 (give or take a few years). and to add insult to injury nike now makes/owns my favorite shoe of all time, converse chuck taylors.

and the fact that they have always had some of the best advertising (print and tv) makes me hate them even more. money=power=abuse. insideous.

and please tell me how gap is revolutionary? if the blanding/homogenization of american fashion is revolutionary than count me out.

and btw i have nothing but love for levis.

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Von Dutch

310 Motoring



Snoop Dog Clothing



Sean John






Antik Denim

2 B Free

Morphine Generation

Abercrombie & Biatch


Hot Topic



Miss Sixty

Juicy Coochy

James Perse (Any Rich Kid Brand)


Citizens Of Humanity

Jean Paul D' Amage

Blue Cult

Lucky Brand

A Bathing Ape

Puma Sneakers

And any puke that resembles the above mentioned.

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Spruce hoodies and tiger fleece or whatever - ugliest fucking hoodies I`ve ever seen.

Nudie jeans - sorry but swedish jeans just aint cool plus the pocket designs/cuts are wack.

Alfredo bannister shoes - um u really wanna look like a leprachaun?

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